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Invest in shares with OANDA

No commission on US shares*

  • Choose from 2200+ shares from the globe's biggest market
  • German, Spanish, French, British shares
  • Get free analysis and market reports
  • Pinpoint the best investments by using the search and filter functions
  • Live prices displayed on the latest interactive charts

*for accounts in EUR, PLN


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History of stocks – where did they come from on the stock exchange?

The introduction of the first stocks to the market took place in 1602. The issuer was the Dutch East India Company, which, thanks to its innovative idea, became the initiator of the acceleration of economic development throughout the country. Due to the funds raised from the sale of stocks, an increasing number of private entrepreneurs could embark on overseas expeditions, providing them with significant opportunities to benefit from the wealth of the New World.

In Poland, the first stock shares were issued in 1768 by the Woolen Manufactures Company. In total, there were 120 shares, primarily owned by representatives of the nobility and magnates, as well as wealthier townspeople such as bankers and merchants.


Types of stocks – the stock market with various variants of securities.

Online stock quotes show the current value of shares of specific companies. However, before you start investing in them, you should also be aware that the commercial code distinguishes various types of stocks:

Registered shares

The rights arising from ownership of this type of securities belong to a specific individual or legal entity registered in the share register according to the information in the share certificate. The register should also include: the address of the shareholder or the registered office of their company, information about the amount of contributions made, possibly information about the transfer of shares to another person along with the date of entry, and the establishment of a limited property right on the shares. If a pledgee or user (a person with a limited property right) has the right to participate in shareholder voting, such information should also be included in the register.

Bearer shares

According to the law, only certain companies are allowed to issue them. Every holder of this type of share can exercise their rights, but their details are entered into the share register only based on a temporary certificate. Bearer securities cannot be issued until the entire value of the shares is paid – unlike in the case of registered shares.

Contributory shares

Contributory shares" are paid for not with money, but with a different type of contribution, such as real estate, receivables, or movable property. In contrast, non-transferable rights, provision of labor, or services cannot be the subject of contribution. If the price at which the shares are issued is higher than the nominal value, the surplus should be paid before registering the company. The entire amount should be paid no later than one year from the registration of the company. Contributory shares remain registered until approval by the next general meeting of the financial report for the fiscal year in which they were covered. During this period, they cannot be sold or pledged, and the shareholder's details must be recorded in the share register.

Cash shares

They combine both property and non-property rights. Their value is covered in monetary form, at least one-fourth of the value, even before the registration of the company or an increase in its capital. Payments for the shares are typically made through a brokerage house. As long as the share is not fully paid, it must remain either registered or based on a temporary certificate.

Preference shares

These are a type of registered securities that grant the owner specific property and corporate rights. More information about various types of shareholder rights will be discussed in the further part of the article.

Silent actions

They guarantee the holder corporate and property rights, excluding the right to vote at the general meeting. A shareholder with this type of securities is privileged in terms of the dividend amount and has priority in its payment.

Founder shares

The type of registered shares designed for the founders of the company, which may be issued as compensation for the services they provide.


Shares – the stock market with all the advantages of securities.

Are you wondering if investing in stocks on the stock market is a good idea? If you have some initial experience, for example, in the currency market, and you want to further develop your skills, it's definitely worth considering starting your adventure with the stock market. Begin observing stock quotes today!

What do you specifically gain when deciding to invest in stock market shares? One of the most important benefits is the potential for financial gain, which you will achieve by selling the held shares at any time, at a price higher than the purchase price. The benefits of owning stocks are divided into property and corporate. In the first group, you will find:

  • the right to dividends, which means a share in the distribution of company profits in the event of a decision to distribute capital,
  • the right to participate in the distribution of the company's assets in the event of its liquidation,
  • the pre-emption right, which is the priority to acquire shares from a new issuance.

The first two of the mentioned rights of stockholders cannot be restricted by the statute or resolution, while the third may be limited or entirely excluded if it is in the interest of the company.

The second group of rights, respected by all stock exchanges worldwide and companies that list their shares on them, are corporate rights – also called organizational rights:

  • the right to participate in the general meeting,
  • the active voting right at the general meeting of shareholders – granted from the day of full payment of shares (unless the statute of a particular company provides otherwise),
  • the passive voting right – meaning the possibility of holding positions in the management board, supervisory board, or other organizational bodies of the company,
  • the right to challenge resolutions of the general meeting – it is granted in the case of adopting a resolution contrary to the law, the statute, or good practices, as well as one that prejudices the interests of the company or the shareholder, and in the case of a resolution contrary to the law.
  • the right to request information – it can be exercised during the general meeting or up to a maximum of 2 weeks after its conclusion,
  • the right to bring a lawsuit – if within a year from the date of disclosing a harmful act committed, for example, by a member of the management board, supervisory board, or liquidator, the company itself does not file a lawsuit, a shareholder may seek to have the damage repaired before the court.

To retain all the aforementioned rights, a shareholder must make a full monetary payment equal to the value of the shares or fulfill specified non-monetary contributions.


Stocks exchange – commission-free transactions through a stockbroker.

If you are already investing in forex and have a brokerage account with OANDA TMS Brokers, you are one step away from exploring the opportunities that come with stock market trading. However, before you start checking stock quotes for the US and other countries and investing in foreign company stocks, follow these guidelines:

  • if you are not yet our client, open a TMS Connect brokerage account – online, in just a few minutes,
  • log in to the client portal and add a stock account to your brokerage account,
  • choose the currency for your stock account – to avoid paying commissions, opt for PLN or EUR (if you choose a USD account, the commission will be 0.29%),
  • place an order to buy stocks with a minimum value of 100 USD – if you are trading on the US stock exchange outside of its opening hours, remember to set a price limit.

Remember that if you are using TMS Brokers services, there is no upper limit on the transaction value. There is also no specified number of transactions you can make or the amount of turnover.


The most popular stock exchanges in the world – when to invest in shares of American companies?

After completing the procedures related to opening an account and creating a stock account, you gain access to 1400 American stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. Stock market trading takes place during the traditional hours of the famous Wall Street (9:30-16:00 in the USA, which is 15:30-22:00 in Poland). Buy and sell orders can be placed between 11:00 and 22:00 Central European Time.

Significantly for investors scattered across different countries, stock quotes from the USA (meaning charts and stock prices) are provided in real-time, without any time delay.


A good broker – stocks from various sectors of companies.

Are you wondering which stocks to invest in? We provide you with access to a very large and diverse collection of companies – so there is plenty to choose from. Among them, you will find companies from various sectors of the economy, such as:

  • healthcare,
  • services,
  • finance,
  • technology.

In addition, to make it easier for you to track stock quotes daily and make informed investment choices, we have prepared several thematic playlists: 'Stay at home stocks,' 'Vaccine stocks,' 'Gaming industry,' and 'Warren Buffet’s portfolio.'


US stock exchange quotes – check them in real-time and invest conveniently.

US stock market quotes always at your fingertips? No problem! With the help of the modern investment platform MetaTrader 5, you have the opportunity to buy both currencies and CFD contracts for various instruments, as well as real stocks.

Another very convenient and practical solution is our mobile application. It allows for a quick check of the current online stock quotes of individual companies. The application gives you the opportunity to analyze charts technically and obtain information about the financial indicators of the company, average trading volume, or market capitalization.

However, stock quotes created by shares are not everything. Additionally, you have the opportunity to track data about companies with potential sorted into the mentioned playlists. The application is also a functional tool for conducting transactions anywhere! You will never miss good opportunities – also thanks to push notifications that we will send to your phone to help you stay always up-to-date with market events.

You have an account where you are already investing in currencies or price differences, but you also want to try your hand at the stock market? Remember that you can freely use one application. Switching from a CFD account to a stock account is done through a quick re-login. The TMS Brokers mobile app can therefore be your practical, multifunctional investment portfolio.

Every stock broker will define stocks as instruments that generate both the potential for profit and the risk of loss – just like investments in currencies, stock indices, or commodities. That's why it's worthwhile to take advantage of our training, webinars, reports, and helpful tools. We are at your disposal for any matter related to stock trading!

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