Instrument specification for USDJPY

Minimum order value 0.01
Description USD/JPY
Maximum order value 50
Transaction Step 0.01
Type Forex
Trading Hours monday-thursday 00:00-22:59, 23:05-24:00;friday 00:00-22:59;sunday 23:05-24:00
Contract size / 1 lot 100 000 USD
Deposit required 3,33333% / 1% / 1%
Value of 1 pip 0.001
Financial leverage 30:1 / 100:1 / 100:1
Minimal step 0.001
Long swap (daily) 0.01172%
Short sale YES
Short swap (daily) -0.01583%
Distance SL and TP 0
3-day swap (date) 3

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