Financial markets react to Biden's victory

With most media outlets calling the US election, speculation is rife about how Biden’s leadership may affect trade policy and the US dollar. Take a position.

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What our analysts are saying

Expert insight into how presidential policy under Joe Biden could impact the financial markets.

US election video cover

US election impact and market analysis

Market experts examine the impact of Biden’s contentious US election victory and its effect on the financial markets in this ongoing video series.


Trump team keeps fighting

Between election lawsuits, Alaskan drilling, Israeli-Saudi talks and fiscal stimulus, the outgoing Trump administration has been doing more than just playing golf.

Biden's blue wave election

Biden’s ‘blue wave’ is a blue ripple

Joe Biden appears to have won the presidential election thanks to slim margins in a few key states, but the Democrats lost seats in the House and have failed to gain control of the Senate.

US presidential election

Record turnout could delay winner announcement

While pre-election voting has favoured Joe Biden, the Trump campaign is hoping that a big turnout on Election Day will power him to a second surprise victory.

With Biden bound for the White House, how will you trade?

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