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Trade share CFDs from the biggest names in the US, UK and EU. No minimum commissions and margins start from 5% on most major share CFDs.

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Benefits of trading share CFDs with OANDA

  • No minimum commission, and margins as low as 5%
  • Available using our MT5 platform or fxTrade mobile app
  • A subsidiary of the OANDA Group, which has over 25 years’ experience and counting
  • Great customer service

Popular shares

The above share CFD pricing is delayed by 15 minutes

OANDA allows clients to take positions up to a maximum position size on a per symbol basis. This maximum exposure is on a per client basis; and therefore applies to cumulative positions over all your trading accounts with OANDA.

This maximum position size is shown in your trading platform. In MT5 this is defined as 'Volume Limit' in the symbol specification or in the fxTrade mobile platform it is noted as ‘Maximum Client Exposure’ in the Instrument Information section of the platform.

For further information see Terms of Business and FAQs.

Costs and fees of trading share CFDs

We like to be totally transparent about our fees for all our products. The table below gives you an overview of commissions and other related costs. See the full list of charges and fees.

Execution fees
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Costs related to Corporate Actions

If you hold a long position on a Share CFD, any dividend income you receive is subject to either a tax or a tax equivalent charge.
The rate of tax or tax equivalent that you pay is dependent on the country of domicile of the company whose Share CFDs you have purchased. This country information can be found in the Instrument Specification in the MT5 platform of the Instrument Information section of the mobile application.

If you have purchased a Share CFD of a United States domiciled company then the tax that you pay is determined by your country of tax residence and the tax treaty rate between your country and the US. If your country of tax residence does not have a tax treaty with the US, then the default rate as below is applied

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above rates at the time of publication which are subject to change from time to time

Trading status exceptions

Most of the Share CFDs that we offer are available for full trading. For market reasons, some products may only be available to go ‘long only’ or they may be ‘close only’, or some might be disabled for trading.. Any Share CFDs not available for full trading are listed below.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between trading physical shares and share CFDs?

Put simply, share CFDs allow you to trade with leverage, whereas the trading of physical shares requires payment of the full cost of those shares. By trading share CFDs, you are speculating on the price of the underlying asset, you are not taking ownership of it. The leverage you get with share CFDs will amplify both profits and losses. With physical shares you can only lose the amount you spent to acquire them. This is why buying physical shares is more of a long-term strategy, where you are looking to cash in years down the line, not in a week or two, as would be typical of trading share CFDs.


How can I start trading share CFDs?

If you’re just starting out as a trader in your spare time, it pays to study and practice trading share CFDs on a demo account before jumping in feet first. As with any asset, there are many ways to trade share CFDs. Some will opt to trade over a few minutes while others prefer to hold positions for a number of weeks. A lot depends on how much time you want to invest in trading and analysing your charts.


How can I learn more about trading share CFDs with OANDA?

If you’re still exploring different ways of trading share CFDs, check out our Learn pages where you’ll find plenty of resources to help get you started with topics such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis and how to use popular indicators.


Can I trade share CFDs on the MT5 platform?

You can trade share CFDs on the MetaTrader 5 platform and fxTrade mobile app.


How can I trade share CFDs using the fxTrade app?

Once you have downloaded and installed our user-friendly mobile app, you can log into your account(s) using a single login. From there you can trade share CFDs. If you have more than one MT5 account, you can switch from one account to the next without having to log out and log in again.


How do corporate actions impact CFDs?

Corporate actions are events such as dividends and bonus issues of shares carried out by a publicly-traded company that impact its shareholders and, similarly, the price of share CFDs.

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Three ways to trade

Access MetaTrader from your desktop device. You can also trade using the fxTrade mobile app for mobile and tablet devices.