The US election and market trading: watch exclusive commentary

Get expert analysis on Biden and how the outcome of the 2020 American presidential race could affect world financial markets in this ongoing video series.

18th November 2020

9th November 2020

All votes have been cast, and though counting continues, we are getting a clearer picture of the possible outcome thanks to exit polls and electoral college projections based on real data. In this exclusive video, OANDA market analyst Craig Erlam gives his reactions.

4th November 2020

Craig Elram

Senior Market Analyst, UK and EMEA, OANDA

Craig has been OANDA’s UK market analyst since 2015. He is based in London and focuses on fundamental and technical analysis. He holds a full membership to the Society of Technical Analysts and is recognised as a Certified Financial Technician by the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

With Biden bound for the White House, how will you trade?

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Exclusive to Oanda


Trump team keeps fighting

Between election lawsuits, Alaskan drilling, Israeli-Saudi talks and fiscal stimulus, the outgoing Trump administration has been doing more than just playing golf.

Election win for Biden

Election win for Biden but Republicans hold Senate

Joe Biden may have won the election thanks to slim margins in key states, but the Democrats lost seats in the House and have failed to hold the Senate.

Biden's blue wave election

Biden’s ‘blue wave’ is a blue ripple

Joe Biden appears to have won the presidential election thanks to slim margins in a few key states, but the Democrats lost seats in the House and have failed to gain control of the Senate.

US presidential election

Record turnout could delay winner announcement

While pre-election voting has favoured Joe Biden, the Trump campaign is hoping that a big turnout on Election Day will power him to a second surprise victory.