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26 February, 2021

Oil dips, gold slide continues

Oil continues to lose momentum ahead of OPEC+ meeting Oil prices are pulling back from very elevated levels today. That doesn’t necessarily mea…

26 February, 2021

A wild end to the week

It’s a bit of a wild end to the week, with stock market jitters returning in force after yields spiked again on Thursday. As the morning progre…

26 February, 2021

Higher US yields send Aussie sliding

Australian dollar falls below 78 line What a difference one short day can make in the currency markets. It was just yesterday that the red-hot Austra…

26 February, 2021

Oil loses ground, gold slide continues

Oil retreats in Asia Despite the carnage seen in the equity, bond and commodity space, oil prices held firm overnight. Physical supply constraints, a…
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