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5 June, 2020

US Open – Full Steam Ahead

Horrific Data Can’t Derail Stimulus Trade Stock markets are charging higher again on Friday, with Wall Street seen around 1% higher,  ahead of …

5 June, 2020

Asia in Friday-Mode Ahead of US Data

Having set new records on the bleep test earlier this week, equity markets, in particular, appear to be taking a longer cardiovascular recovery today…

4 June, 2020

US Open – ECB delivers, Lagarde presser sinks rally, US eyes China Media, Continuing Claims rise, Oil off lows on Europe’s response, Gold pares gain

European equities and US futures rose from session lows after the ECB boosted its Pandemic bond buying program and extended it through June 2021.  Th…

4 June, 2020

The Buy Everything Rally Powers On

The overnight price action on Wall Street was very much a re-run of the day before. The momentum in the global recovery trade remains undiminished, w…
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