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21 February, 2020

More pressure for the Aussie on risk aversion

The shift in risk appetite overnight, caused by a jump in new CoVid-19 cases outside of China, piled more pressure on the beleaguered Aussie. Weak lo…

21 February, 2020

Asia Finishes the Week with Sniffles

Wall Street showed the first glimpses of grudging acknowledgement that the coronavirus outbreak could see global growth lower for longer overnight. S…

21 February, 2020

Daily Markets Broadcast 2020-02-21

Daily Markets Broadcast 2020-02-21 Wall Street falls despite strong US data A rise in the number of new CoVid-19 cases outside of China saw US indice…

20 February, 2020

Gold breaks through $1,600 (video)

OANDA Senior Market Analyst Craig Erlam discusses Gold as it breaks beyond $1,600, despite risk assets and the dollar performing well.
Craig Erlam

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