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15 January, 2021

Dollar shrugs at Biden stimulus plan

Currency markets are unmoved by Biden wish-list Currency markets entered a holding pattern overnight, ahead of the Biden stimulus release, and have r…

15 January, 2021

Equities in Asia edge higher

Biden announces USD1.9 trillion stimulus plan Wall Street was content to mark time awaiting the unveiling of the Biden stimulus package overnight. Th…

15 January, 2021

US Senate may filibust Biden goodie bag

President-elect Biden unveiled his bag of stimulus goodies this morning, with an impressive headline figure of USD1.90 trillion. None of it appears t…

14 January, 2021

Oil rally peters out, gold pares losses, bitcoin surges

Oil runs out of steam Crude’s steady ride higher appears to be running out of gas.  Much of the rebound in oil prices has been vaccine optimism, bear…
Craig Erlam

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