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How to view your trade history in MT5
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Unlocking the power of trade history in MT5. A comprehensive guide to viewing, analysing, and utilising trading activity to enhance trading strategy.

How to view your trade history in MT5

Four types of trade history in MT5

Positions View in MT5

Position view
Position View in MT5

Deals View in MT5

Deals view
Deals View in MT5

Orders View in MT5

Orders view
Orders View in MT5

Orders & Deals

Orders and dels view
Orders and Deals View in MT5

Display item settings in MT5

How to display the trade volume in MT5

Specifying the period in MT5

custom period in ms mt5
Change the time display to milliseconds in MT5
auto arrange in mt5
Auto arrange in MT5
display the grid in mt5
Display the grid in MT5
column in mt5
Display data by column in MT5