Swap-free trading account

An account option for traders who do not wish to pay or receive overnight swap or interest on their trades. Contact us if you would like to switch your standard account to swap-free.

Don’t have an account with us? Create a standard account with us and request to switch to swap-free.

No overnight swap or interest

With a standard account, you are charged or credited swap or interest on any leveraged positions that you keep open at the end of each trading day. These costs are known as overnight fees, or swap fees. Our swap-free account is designed to meet the needs of clients who do not wish to be charged or credited this swap or interest. See our financing costs page to learn more. See terms & conditions.

Account features

Our swap-free account option enables you to take a position on 26 popular instruments, including forex pairs and indices such as EUR/USD, Germany 40 and the UK 100.

OANDA swap-free account
Minimum EUR/USD spread 1.6 pips
Maximum trade size 10 million
Commission $0
Account base currencies available USD
Scalping allowed Yes
EAs allowed Yes
Hedging allowed Yes

No admin charge for first 5 days of open trades

Trading on a swap-free account incurs no administration charge for the first five days that the trade is open with us. Starting from day six, an administration charge is applied each day the trade remains open, until the trade is closed. This includes weekends.

The admin fee is charged per lot traded, with the exception of the Japan 225 index which is charged per 100 lots traded. The admin fee varies by instrument and can be checked on the chart below, showing all 26 forex and indices instruments offered on our Swap-free accounts.

Instrument Minimum spread Admin fee per lot in USD*
EUR/USD 1.6 pips $7
GBP/USD 1.7 pips $7
USD/JPY 1.6 pips $7
EUR/GBP 1.7 pips $7
EUR/JPY 1.8 pips $7
AUD/USD 1.7 pips $7
USD/CHF 1.7 pips $7
EUR/CHF 1.7 pips $7
NZD/USD 1.8 pips $7
GBP/JPY 2.2 pips $7
GBP/CHF 2.3 pips $7
USD/CAD 1.8 pips $7
AUD/JPY 1.7 pips $7
CHINA A50 13 pips $4
AUS 200 3.8 pips $4
UK 100 1.8 pips $4
US WALL ST 30 3.6 pips $4
FRANCE 40 1.6 pips $4
EUROPE 50 1.6 pips $4
HONG KONG 50 6.6 pips $4
GERMANY 40 1.8 pips $4
SINGAPORE 30 3.6 pips $4
US NAS 100 3 pips $4
US RUSS 2000 70 pips $4
US SPX 500 1 pips $4
JAPAN 225 8.6 pips $4**

*Charged daily beginning on the sixth day of trade

**Japan 225 fee charged per 100 lots

On the MetaTrader platform, all instruments available on a swap-free account are indicated with a .s

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Transparent trading costs

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Which account for you?

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