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Forward-thinking traders series. Parts 2-10

The 'Forward-thinking traders' course is an educational journey to becoming a more profitable trader. Attend the full, 10 webinar sessions for an in-depth understanding of technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management and trading strategy. Or cherry-pick the specific areas where you would like to increase your learning and attend only those sessions.

What we'll cover:

  • 5 ways to take your trading to a new level
  • A simple approach to assessing price action
  • How to turn the moving average into a powerful leading indicator
  • Improve your trading edge with true support and resistance
  • The complete guide to understanding candlestick analysis
  • The importance of price momentum
  • Seeing the big picture with multiple timeframe analysis
  • Risk management for technical trading
  • Strategy Masterclass: mastering the breakout strategy
  • Strategy Masterclass: the any market, any timeframe strategy


Part 10: Strategy Masterclass: The any market, any timeframe strategy

Tuesday, 25 June - 22:00 UTC

  • The seven key strategy rules that comprise the trend flow strategy
  • Money management for this strategy
  • Live market scan on the OANDA trading platform to illustrate the strategy in real-time
Tamar Mehr Headshot Tamar Mehr

Hosted by

Tamar Mehr Headshot

Tamar Mehr

Market Analyst at Trade With Precision

Tamar’s trading style is influenced by her martial arts practice, where she finds many similarities between the two. Such as the discipline and resilience required to succeed. She specialises in trading both the forex and index markets; However, the technical aspects of the Germany 40 attracts her attention as she stalks the intraday moves. 

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