VPS partners

Superior connection quality to the markets reduces latency and makes it possible for you to constantly run your algorithms or trading strategies. Using our partner virtual private services (VPS), you can run automated trading strategies continuously across our range of OANDA Trade platforms, MetaTrader4 (MT4) and partner APIs.



BeeksFX is one of the largest forex VPS providers, with data centres in New York and London. BeeksFX’s fully managed VPS offers some of the lowest latency in the retail forex industry, ensuring accurate trade entries and exits. BeeksFX's robust VPS offers better OS performance and reliability when running your strategies 24/5, so you can constantly monitor and react to the markets.

  • Windows 2012 server
  • Redundant features within data centre facilities reduce power failure worry and connectivity issues.
  • POM applications automatically start applications in the event of a server or VPS crash.
  • Shared data centre between OANDA and BeeksFX offers ultra-low latency.
  • Three monthly subscription packages (bronze, silver, and gold) provide optimal colocation.
  • BeeksFX guarantees its VPS services with a 99.9% uptime policy.

Commercial Network Services (CNS)

Global online service provider Commercial Network Services (CNS) specializes in hosting low latency algorithmic trading systems from strategically located data centers in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey and the United Kingdom. CNS operates AS29697, which extends from the US west coast to key locations in Europe.

The CNS network has over 1290 peers, including many directly connected brokers and financial services. As a member of the CNS VPS bundling program, OANDA sponsors a CNS VPS for traders who meet the minimum program requirements. Many end-user ISPs globally peer with CNS, providing a superior user experience and helping you avoid congested transit providers.

  • The OANDA network is directly and redundantly connected to CNS via optical fiber.
  • Very low latency between client terminals and OANDA servers.
  • Access a 30-day money-back guarantee as a CNS VPS subscriber.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • World-class support includes telephone support and two-factor authentication for all subscribers.
  • All trader’s VPS subscriptions include CNS autoboot to manage the health of your trading terminals and keep them running.
  • Manage the VPS from your mobile device using the CNS remote admin mobile application.


FXColo’s dedicated virtual private servers run several clusters containing multiple physical servers supporting pools of VPS users. These pools make it possible for you to trade continuously even when the underlying physical resources are being upgraded and rebalanced.

  • The VPS instances are connected to OANDA's backend servers via a low-latency connection to provide better fills and execution with significantly reduced risk of global internet instability.
  • Avoid scheduled downtimes with a fully redundant hosting environment that’s located at the same facility as OANDA’s backend and matching servers.
  • All FXColo’s VPS reside on high-end solid state storage arrays.
  • Full administrative rights on VPS instances offer full access to a highly reliable virtual Windows Server 2012 system.
  • All VPS are independent per customer, without any memory or CPU sharing.
  • FXColo’s self-service customer portal lets you perform most VPS operations without needing assistance from support.
  • Support custom VPS requirements and dedicated hosting for higher-end customers.
  • Access a variety of VPS capacity configurations in multiple languages.

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