Offers 28 additional trading tools and indicators

Is free and easy to download

Works with OANDA live and demo accounts

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OANDA Connect app
OANDA Connect app

Available through the MT4 premium upgrade, you’ll find quality web content inside your trading platform.

Get direct access to content from Dow Jones, market news sentiment and two calendars to stay up to date

Analyze your trading with the OANDA dashboard

Access OANDA forex blog content

Download the OANDA orderbook MT4 plug in

Trade terminal

Create deal tickets and order templates, group trade management and more:

OCO and conditional orders

Group trade management to set take-profit, stop-loss and trailing stops across all positions simultaneously

Order conditions for automated close rules

Watchlists and FX board screens



Mini terminal

The mini terminal is an integrated trade ticket built into the MT4 chart. Manage risk and position size while adding triggering trades from user-defined key levels or trendlines:

The mini terminal is an integrated trade ticket built into the MT4 chart. Manage risk and position size while adding triggering trades from user-defined key levels or trendlines:

Access ladder-style trade entry through the chart trading feature

Calculate appropriate lot size depending on your stop and risk limits

Trigger trades when price crosses user-defined trendlines (hold the 'ctrl' key while placing trendlines)


Alarm manager

Create a personalized and automated trading companion. Configure the alarm manager to get alerts for account related events like margin usage, trade entries and exits, as well as alerts on pending and released news events. Access 28 new applications and indicators.


Excel RTD

The Excel RTD app lets traders with limited programming knowledge take advantage of basic Excel commands by interfacing in real-time with MT4. With the Excel RTD app, you can monitor real-time account, trade and market data via Excel.


Correlation matrix

See correlations between different markets and define which instruments are shown in the matrix. With the correlation matrix, you can manage risk through identifying correlating pairs, for example.


Download and install

Once downloaded, unzip and open the self-extraction file. Follow the installation process.


Find additional tools

After installation, go to the navigator panel to find additional tools.


Drag and drop

Drag and drop the desired tool onto an MT4 chart, and ensure 'Allow DLL imports' is checked.


Tick chart trader

The tick chart trader is designed for traders who prefer fast market entries and exits. The tick charts show market changes on a tick-by-tick interval.


Stealth orders

Using stealth orders you can hide your entry and exit levels from other market participants. Stealth orders also allow you to set account level exits based on floating P/L, equity or margin.


Session map

The Session map allows you to view the world’s major trading sessions on a map, all in your local time. With the session map, you can see news markers for economic data releases, color-coded by importance.


Sentiment trader

View information about current and historic long vs short sentiment on major FX pairs. With sentiment trader you can plot historical sentiment versus price action, either as candlesticks or close prices.


Market manager

Using market manager, you can summarize and focus on the information most important to you, create watchlists, view an account summary, and make fast, efficient trades using pre-defined trading templates.


Correlation trader

Gain unique trading insight by seeing the strength of correlation between two symbols of your choice in the correlation trader. With this tool, you can customize a timeframe to analyze correlations. Watch video to see more.

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