Spread-only pricing

Elite Trader program

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Two transparent pricing models

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Spread-only pricing

With this account type, our commission is wrapped into the spread we offer. So the spread is the only cost you pay.


Elite Trader program

Earn cash rebates from US$5 to US$17 per million with our Elite Trader program. Designed exclusively for our high volume traders, this is the program that gives you more, the more you trade.

Our spreads

Take a look at the spreads we offer on our most popular FX pairs.

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Elite Trader rebates and savings

Qualify for our Elite Trader program and earn rebates to lower your trading cost.

Tier 1 ($) Tier 2 ($) Tier 3 ($) Tier 4 ($) Tier 5 ($)
Monthly volume requirement 10M-49M 50M-249M 250M-499M 500M-1B 1B+
Rebate per million traded 5.00 7.00 10.00 15.00 17.00
Average savings 10% 14% 20% 30% 34%
Our pricing starts with our liquidity pool

We have no "dark pools" or internal liquidity creating a price for you that someone else can benefit from. Our pricing is exclusively sourced from a global network of premier banks and that's all. We do not selectively pick orders. No one at OANDA has the ability to target your positions, hunt your stops or change your pricing.


Our technology

We own the quality of our forex trading system because we've built it. Other trading platforms frequently forward your trades to third parties that may or may not accept your trades. When you trade forex with OANDA, you know that when the markets are moving your orders are filled.

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Execution firewalls

Our system is fully automated. It was built that way, from the ground up. Commission charges are assessed on the buy and sell sides of a trade. Trade sizes greater or smaller than 100,000 will be charged on a pro-rata basis. The minimum commission of is $0.01 per trade.

Commission charges will be converted to the account home currency using our prevailing rate in effect at the time of the trade. Other account maintenance charges or financing fees may apply.

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Events and spreads

At certain times and in certain market conditions, our spreads could be wider than usual. This includes the opening and closing of markets and major international or geopolitical events which have an impact on the relevant market(s) in other particular circumstances.

Unlock more opportunities with our Elite Trader program**

Get personalized access to premium trading tools, expert market analyst insights and more.

Volume-based rebates

Exclusive discounts on third-party platforms, such as TradingView

VIP content and events

A dedicated relationship manager

**Subjected to meeting the criteria set out in the account package offering.

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Frequently asked questions
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What is an inactivity fee?

In the event of no open trades in your account for a period of at least 24 months (12 months in the United States), a monthly fee of 10 units of the currency in which your account is denominated will be withdrawn (with the exception of accounts denominated in JPY and HKD, which will be charged 1000 JPY and 75 HKD respectively). For example, if your account is in SGD, you will be charged 10 SGD, and if your account is in USD, you will be charged 10 USD, etc.

Trusted by traders all over the world

With over 25 years of experience, OANDA offers leading tools, powerful platforms and transparent pricing.

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Globally recognized forex broker

We offer over 68 major and minor currency pairs, a user-friendly app and a range of trading platforms, including the OANDA Trade platform, MT4 and TradingView. Through our partnership with Paxos, you can also spot trade eight popular cryptocurrencies.

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Regulatory, financial and risk compliance

Read about our terms and conditions when you open an account and trade with OANDA.


Our spreads and margins

Our margin rates start from just 2% on EUR/USD and 3% on AUD/USD.