Funding and withdrawals

It is simple and straightforward to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your OANDA trading account. Funds can be deposited using debit card (backed by MasterCard, Visa or Discover), bank transfer, check (USD) and automated clearing house (ACH). You can withdraw funds using debit card and bank wire transfer.



To initiate your first deposit into your OANDA trading account, simply log in to 'manage funds' using your OANDA account details.


Debit card

We accept debit cards backed by MasterCard, Visa and Discover. There is a USD$20,000 maximum limit per calendar month.


Bank wire transfer

It takes one to three business days to deposit funds via domestic wire transfer and up to five business days for international wire transfers. There is no minimum or maximum deposit limit. You may be charged a service fee by your bank and intermediary bank for transferring funds into your OANDA trading account.


Check (USD)

To deposit funds, checks must be drawn in USD and from a US bank. We don’t charge a fee when you deposit funds via check. It typically takes between 4 and 6 business days for funds to be deposited into your account.


Automated Clearing House (ACH)

For ACH deposits, there is a maximum limit of USD50,000 per deposit. It can take up to six days for funds to be processed into your account. There is no fee or minimum limit for ACH deposits. We do not accept payments from third parties. Please ensure that the name on the originating account matches the name on your OANDA account.

Third-party deposits: to receive funds from a third party, you will first need to set up a joint account with that party. Select the “instantly add” option to expedite deposits via wire transfer and ACH.


You can withdraw funds from your OANDA account via debit card and bank wire transfer. Funds can be withdrawn by logging in to ‘manage funds’ using your OANDA Trade account details. Remember: withdrawals are subject to our hierarchy rule. If you have deposited funds using multiple methods, you must exhaust the total deposit amounts first by debit card, and then followed by bank wire transfer.


Debit card

It takes up to three business days for funds to be processed into your account. The total amount you can withdraw into your debit card(s) cannot be more than the amount you originally deposited using your debit card(s). Any funds remaining in your account after the original amount has been withdrawn can be taken out using an alternative method, such as a bank wire transfer.


Bank wire transfer

To withdraw funds via bank transfer, your bank account must be in the same name as your OANDA trading account. It takes between one and two business days to withdraw funds via bank wire transfer within the US and up to five business days for international withdrawals. You must confirm that you are the owner of the bank account to which you wish to withdraw funds. You can do this in the form of a wire transfer deposit from the bank account (not all bank transfers can provide required bank details to confirm account ownership), or by submitting documentation. If you send funds via ACH, the fee attached to your withdrawal request will be removed during processing and funds will be sent at no charge.

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Frequently asked questions


Withdrawing funds by debit card?

The total amount you can withdraw to your debit card(s) cannot be more than the total amount you deposited using those cards. Any funds remaining in your account after you have withdrawn the full amount you had originally deposited by debit card (e.g. trading profits) may instead be withdrawn by an alternative method, such as a bank wire transfer.

It takes between one and three business days for you to get your money back (USD only). We do our best to process your request as quickly as possible, but please consider that the following may also affect processing times:

  • Withdrawals to debit cards are only processed after all your debit card deposits have cleared. This on average takes around 1-3 business days from the date of your deposit
  • Your debit card provider may take additional time to complete your withdrawal

There are no fees for debit card withdrawals.


Withdrawing funds by bank transfer?

If you had deposited funds via check, you could submit a bank transfer withdrawal request for the original amount. We will waive all applicable withdrawal fees. Funds can be withdrawn using the same method and to the same account from which they were deposited. If the bank account from which you deposited funds is no longer active, you can withdraw to an alternate bank account which is currently active. You will need to create a bank account profile for your new bank account. In the account management portal, click on manage funds and then click on bank accounts. Click on ‘+ add bank account’ to add a new bank account to your OANDA account.

Click on ‘OANDA Trade accounts’ and select the account from which you wish to withdraw. Click ‘withdraw’ and select bank transfers as the withdrawal method, and then select the bank account to which you would like to withdraw funds. Enter the amount and select 'continue'. You may be charged a fee for withdrawing funds. Find out more about our fees and charges.

Funds can be withdrawn up to the value of the balance of your account, minus the amount of margin used. When requesting a withdrawal, you should ensure that there are sufficient funds remaining in your OANDA account to prevent margin calls on your existing trades.

Note: the above information reflects typical processing times for OANDA and its financial institution or card processing provider to complete your withdrawal. Your financial institution or debit card provider may take additional time to complete your withdrawal.

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