USD to MXN trading

The ninth most traded currency pair on the international forex market, USD to MXN provides a high level of liquidity. Mexico’s deep economic transformation from the 1980s onwards has led to the peso to become a higher-yielding currency that creates enticing opportunities for achieving returns during times of economic stability and uplift.

As neighboring nations with a large shared border, Mexico and the USA enjoy close trade and economic relations. This has been underpinned by the signing of the North America Free Trade Agreement in 1994, which saw all tariffs between the two nations eliminated. As of 2017, 80% of Mexico’s exports were to the USA – with Mexico the USA’s second largest export market.

The high-yielding nature of the Mexican Peso makes it one of the ideal carry trading currencies.

USD MXN news

The latest USD MXN news is often influenced by economic announcements and developments – particularly in the USA. The Trump administration’s use of tariffs to protect American industry and obtain political assurances from neighboring countries influenced the USD MXN rate.

Global oil prices can also affect the USD MXN rate, with both countries prominent producers of crude oil. The value of the Mexican peso can be vulnerable when oil prices are weak, as well as some other commodities. Political factors have also undermined MXN in recent times.

USD to MXN chart

For clients looking to track the USD MXN rate and explore potential trends or opportunities, our USD to MXN chart offers real-time updates and historical data covering the last hour, day, week and month. Our innovative pricing engine tracks the mid-market rates to calculate spreads, and helps our clients make an informed decision about their forex investments. Historic USD to MXN performance should not be taken as a guarantee for future performance.