USD to CHF trading

For banking clients, Switzerland is an important European and international banking center. For years, the practices and procedures that saw it ranked first in the 2018 Financial Secrecy Index were codified in law. The trust and confidence in the Swiss financial system has empowered the Swiss franc and is a significant driver behind the popularity of the USD to CHF currency pair.

The fortunes of USD to CHF – referred to as the Swissie – reflects the comparative performance of the respective currencies. As a ‘safe haven’ currency, the Swiss franc typically appreciates in times of global economic turbulence. Similarly, it tends to lose traction when global markets are more stable and the USD CHF rate will lower as traders go in search of riskier investments.

USD CHF news

The latest USD CHF news is often guided by the monetary policies of the USA’s Federal Reserve and/or the Swiss National Bank (SBN). The repercussions of the global financial crisis of the late 2000s and early 2010s provide an example of how such policies can affect the USD CHF rate.

Due to its reputation as a ‘safe haven’ currency, huge investor demand for the Swiss franc saw its value soar and the USD CHF rate fall. At odds with the Swiss reliance on exports, the SNB stepped in to peg the currency to the euro and maintain its export market. Abandoning that cap in January 2015, however, caused the franc to surge – and the USD to CHF rate plunge.

USD to CHF chart

For up-to-the-minute insights into the performance of this liquid currency pair, we’ve developed a dynamic USD to CHF chart for OANDA clients to refer to. It shows data for the last hour, day, week and month to show recent movements in the USD CHF rate – along with any emerging trends. Historic USD to CHF performance should not be taken as a guarantee for future performance.