Autochartist Visualizer

Note: CFDs, exotics, and metals may not be availble in all regions.

The Autochartist Visualizer can help you to quickly filter through the wealth of trade opportunities presented by Autochartist. Note that here we are only showing the signals in Autochartist's "My Favourites" category. These are signals that have historically been the most successful. To access all the Autochartist signals, sign in to your OANDA fxTrade platform and click on the Technical Analysis icon. Furthermore, for a number of the most popular instruments, you can try out overlaying OANDA's Orderbook data on top of an Autochartist signal by checking off the "Show Orderbook net order peaks" option above. This can show valuable resistance and support information and help you understand the OANDA Orderbook.

You can also use the Autochartist Visualizer to help you get started with the Autochartist API. It can help you see what the data presented by the Autochartist API is suppose to yield.

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