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This 30-minute webinar is hosted by an experienced trader, it will provide you with insight that you need to trade FX CFDs strategically.

What we'll cover:

Join market analysis webinars for a live market update and analysis on the recent price movements of the major currency pairs.


What do the signals say about the USD/JPY?

Thursday, 20 June - 17:00 UTC

  • How to use the RSI, MACD, and Stochastic Oscillator to predict when USD/JPY corrections may occur.
  • Strategies to day trade and swing trade the USD/JPY to help take advantage of small and large moves.
  • How to plot Fibonacci retracement levels to gain deeper insights into USD/JPY support and resistance.
  • Potential upside and downside targets that could be reached under bullish and bearish scenarios.
Author: Toby Genaro Toby Genaro

Hosted by

Author: Toby Genaro

Toby Genaro

Market Analyst at Trade With Precision

Toby has been analysing the markets for over 30 years and trades many different markets. Equities, forex, commodities along with many other instruments are part of his daily routine while combining both technical and fundamental analysis to drive his trading activity.

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