Our pricing

At OANDA we offer two pricing options: spread-only and commission plus core spread. Our pricing models are clear and transparent. You can choose to pay the spread with our spread-only pricing option or access lower spreads with commissions model.

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Spread-only pricing

With this account type, our commission is wrapped into the spread we offer so the spread is the only cost you pay.

Commission + core spread pricing

Access a reduced spread relative to our spread-only pricing account. You only pay a fixed commission per trade. The total cost for each trade will be the sum of the applicable core spread plus commission. Our core pricing spreads start from 0.0, with $50 commissions per 1M.

Our pricing Liquidity pool
How our pricing is derived

Our pricing is derived from liquidity providers (forex and metals), futures contracts (commodities, bonds and copper) and futures prices in relation to the index (indices).

The prices shown to you are based on an average of the pricing (excluding outliers) provided. This average is our objective view of the bids and offers available to arms’ length market participants in respect of transactions of a normal market size, and is the main way in which we will ensure that when the markets are moving, your orders are filled at our best available price.

Commission + Core pricing vs spread only

View our core pricing on our most popular FX pairs.

FX pair Spread only Core pricing
AUD/USD 0.7 0.2
EUR/GBP 0.8 0.2
EUR/JPY 0.9 0.2
EUR/USD 0.6 0.0
GBP/JPY 1.3 0.5
GBP/USD 0.9 0.2
NZD/USD 0.9 0.2
USD/CAD 0.7 0.2
USD/CHF 0.8 0.2
USD/JPY 0.6 0.2
Forex and metals CFDs

Our pricing for forex and metals CFDs is derived from our liquidity providers - major financial institutions who provide us with available spot pricing for FX pairs and metals. These prices are analysed by our automated pricing system to generate our midpoint price for each FX pair and metal CFD. Different groups of liquidity providers are used to derive pricing for different products/instruments.

For unusual FX pairs, we may derive the price from two major/minor currency pairs. For example, the price for the Singapore Dollar/South African Rand FX pair may be derived from the USD/SGD and USD/SAR FX pair prices.

Our pricing Forex
Our pricing Indices
Indices CFDs

OANDA's index prices are calculated by reference to a combination of the relevant futures price and the 'cash' or 'spot' price in respect of the underlying reference product. Adjustments may be made to reflect market movement following the payment of dividends and other anticipated corporate actions.

Commodities, copper and bonds CFDs

Prices for our commodities and bonds CFDs are derived from futures contracts in relation to the commodity or bond. The price shown for trades (positions) in commodity CFDs is not a direct reflection of the futures price for that commodity. Instead it is based on the futures market price for that commodity plus a discount or premium.

Our automated pricing system receives futures pricing feeds from relevant futures exchanges.

Prices for our copper CFDs are derived in the same way as our commodities and bonds instruments.

Our pricing Commodities
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