Gold Trading – Trade Gold

Just like currencies or commodities, the international gold market can create some profitable opportunities for traders. As one of the world’s most precious metals, gold trading is a highly liquid activity. With daily price movement, the potential is there to achieve significant returns from one of the oldest investment assets.

How does gold trading work?

For traders, there can be profit to be made in the movement of global gold prices without the need to physically own any. CFD gold trading allows the trader to buy and sell set amounts of gold. Any profits made or losses incurred are the result of how the gold trading price changes while the contract remains active.

Gold is measured in troy ounces for the purposes of trading, which is quoted against the USD. Much like currency pairs in forex trading, gold trading gives traders the freedom to buy or sell based on expectations of the gold price rising or falling. Gold is also regarded as a safe haven asset – so can be popular with investors looking to limit losses during economic volatility.

What drives the gold trading price?

As a safe-haven asset, gold trading can provide greater security to investors. But it remains a liquid market and is far from being immune to volatility. Factors that can drive the global gold trading price are varied and include:

− Supply and demand issues: high demand and low supply will drive up trading prices

− USD currency performance: an under-performing dollar often causes demand to rise

− Stock market uncertainty: investors turning to gold as a safe haven affects the price

− Political instability/conflict: Gold trading prices go up as investors look to safe havens

Gold trading chart

OANDA’s gold trading chart provides traders with historic and real-time data, updated live to present the very latest insights into the market. While this chart cannot guarantee or predict future performance, it can help traders uncover emerging and longer-term trends to enhance their position.

How do I trade gold?

To start gold trading with OANDA, sign up for an account today. All transactions across each of our award-winning platforms are executed and settled in real time. You also have the option of signing up for a demo account first to experience gold trading with no financial exposure.

Once you have an account, deposit your funds and always ensure you have sufficient leverage to cover your position.