Euro to USD trading

It might still be considered one of the world’s newer currencies after launching in January 1999, but the Euro has now become an integral unit on the forex trading market. As the most popular currency pair for international forex traders, Euro to USD tends to offer the lowest spreads and has shown itself to be one of the least volatile when compared to other currency instruments.

For the Euro vs USD, its relative stability is based on the strength and size of the economies that support each currency – the USA and the Eurozone, which consists of 19 EU nations that include France and Germany. With such popularity, the market is a very liquid one and creates frequent opportunities for excellent short-term returns on the international forex market.

Euro to dollar chart

To get an insight into how the EUR/USD currency pair performed over the past day, hour, week or month, consult our euro to dollar chart below. Using the Euro as the base currency, you can see live pricing updated in real time. When the euro to dollar chart price starts to increase, this could be either due to a strengthening of the euro or weakening of the US dollar – or both.

Historic euro to dollar performance should not be taken as a guarantee for future performance.