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Full disclosures:

Regulated activities

OAP holds a Capital Markets Services licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to deal in capital markets products.

OAP offers Transaction trading services for its customers whereby Transaction means a contract-for-difference (“CFD”) contract in relation to an underlying instrument. Please refer to our web page for details of our products, contract specifications and charges applicable to our Transaction trading services.

Prohibition from providing investment advice

Your Referrer or his representatives are prohibited from providing any advice or recommendation on any investment products, other than to the extent of carrying out the Referral activities on behalf of OAP.

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Your Referrer will be receiving a Referral fee by OAP in the event that you do engage OAP’s Transaction trading services. You will be entitled to be disclosed of the actual remuneration payable to your Referrer by OAP if you so request it.

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