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Password recovery Oanda Account
27.03.2023 12:16 PM
Welcome to OANDA TMS!
We hope the instructions outlined below will help you to log in to your OANDA TMS account for the very first time.


Instructions to log in for the first time 

  1. Log in to your Client Zone
    1. Go to your registered email address and find the email you received on 3/18/2023 with the subject line Important information about your OANDA TMS account. You may have received two emails, the first of which would have the one-time password for your OANDA TMS account. 
    2. Go to the Client Zone. Enter your registered email address and the one-time password of your OANDA TMS account. 
    3. When you successfully log in to the Client Zone, you will be prompted to change your password. Create a new password and use it for all future logins to the Client Zone and the trading platforms. 
    4. Go to the My investment accounts section for information about your migrated accounts. Note your MT5 login number, as shown in the following image: 
MT5 number


  1. Log in to the MT5 trading platforms
    1. Launch the MT5 trading platform. For instance, you can launch our web trading platform.  
    2. Enter the login number you noted in step 1. d. 
    3. Enter the new password you created in step 1. c. 
    4. Make sure you select  OANDATMS-MT5 server. 
    5. Click on OK. 


Still facing issues? Reset your password.

  1. If you followed the steps provided for the first-time login and you are still unable to log in, follow these steps: 
    Go to the password recovery page
  2. Enter your registered email address and click on CONTINUE. 
  3. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Follow the instructions. 
password rec


If you are still unable to access your account, do not hesitate to contact us. Provide information about the steps you followed and the specific issue you are facing. Make sure you attach screenshots of the error messages you encounter. 


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