SOCIETE GENERALE SA is a leading French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris. Established in 1864, the company has expanded its operations to over 60 countries worldwide, making it one of the largest financial institutions in Europe. SOCIETE GENERALE SA offers a comprehensive range of services, including retail banking, corporate and investment banking, asset management, and securities services. The company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its clients, utilizing its expertise in digital transformation and sustainable finance. SOCIETE GENERALE SA is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and has implemented several initiatives to support this goal. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and responsible business practices, SOCIETE GENERALE SA is poised to continue its growth and success in the years ahead.

Instrument specification for SOCIETE GENERALE SA

Minimum order value 1.000
Description Financial Instrument which price is based on Societe Generale
Maximum order value 2185.000
Transaction Step 1.000
Type Equities FR
Trading Hours monday-friday 09:01-17:30
Contract size / 1 lot Price * 1 EUR
Deposit required 20%
Value of 1 pip 0.01000
Financial leverage 5:1
Minimal step 0.00100
Long swap (daily) -0.01847%
Short sale YES
Short swap (daily) 0%
Distance SL and TP 0
3-day swap (date) 5

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