USD to SGD pair trading

The USD to SGD pair is regarded as the 10th most traded forex pair across the globe. As one of the primary financial hubs in Asia, Singapore is seen by many traders as a prime opportunity to invest in the market on that particular continent.

The Bank for International Settlements reported that the USD to SGD pair made up a 1.6% share in the forex market in 2016, with traders traditionally looking towards the Singaporean dollar as a way to invest in what is seen to be the nation’s strong technological and financial sectors.

Both the United States and Singapore entered into a Free Trade Agreement in January 2004, which has prompted a productive collaboration for both parties and has encouraged traders to monitor the USD to SGD rate with interest as a profitable opportunity.

USD to SGD news

In 2019, the US-China trade war has dominated the landscape when it comes to monitoring USD to SGD news. That conflict between the two trading giants has had a knock-on effect on the USD to SGD rate, especially given the fact that Singapore’s economy is largely export-driven.

A large proportion of Singapore’s exports are electronic products, which have also seen a decline this year – a factor worth considering for any traders looking at the USD to SGD pair for their next foray into the forex market.

USD to SGD chart

By accessing our USD to SGD chart, you will be able to monitor the performance of this forex pair in real time. The chart also offers traders the chance to review the USD to SGD rate over the last hour, day, week and month, offering key insights that can enable them to identify any possible trends. This data must not be used as a guarantee or prediction of any future performance of the USD to SGD pair, however.