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Live market review with OANDA

This 30-minute webinar is hosted by an experienced trader, it will provide you with insight that you need to trade FX CFDs strategically.

What we'll cover:

Join market analysis webinars for a live market update and analysis on the recent price movements of the major currency pairs.


Learn more about the Canadian dollar

  • Insights into the CAD’s recent movement.
  • Popular indicators used by experienced traders.
  • How technical analysis helps paint a clearer portrait of the price action.
  • How to use Fibonacci retracement analysis to add further conviction to a trading thesis.
Roger Tricco Headshot Roger Tricco

Hosted by

Roger Tricco Headshot

Roger Tricco

Market Analyst at Trade With Precision

Roger started his journey into financial trading many years ago, with a firm focus on the US stock market. Since then he’s expanded his horizons moving into the faster paced world of trading futures, options and other derivative instruments.  Roger places a strong emphasis on mindset and trading psychology which he believes is the cornerstone to success in the markets.

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