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Preferred broker

OANDA has been awarded ‘Most popular broker’ by the TradingView community for three consecutive years: The TradingView Broker Awards 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Everything you need to trade smarter

Thanks to OANDA’s partnership with TradingView, you can find all your tools in one place, access multiple platforms and join the largest financial community on the web.

find all your tools in one place - ocan
Find all your tools in one place

Standard and custom indicators are available right next to advanced screeners and a live news feed, meaning you can trade effectively without needing to switch platforms.

multiplatform experience - ocan
Multi-platform experience

Take advantage of TradingView’s robust and powerful browser, desktop and mobile apps with 100% synced layouts, watchlists and settings.

tradingview community
TradingView community

Join the largest financial community on the web, with over 50 million active investors and thousands of trading ideas and custom indicators.

exceptional charting - ocan
Exceptional charting

TradingView gives you access to highly interactive, responsive and mobile-friendly charts optimized for touch devices.

100+ pre-built indicators for popular trading strategies and even more are custom built in the community

12+ chart types and 50+ drawing tools reinforced by adaptive visuals and adjustable settings

Use up to eight synchronized charts in a single layout and apply multiple timeframe analysis

Flexible ways to trade
Flexible ways to trade

Trade on charts with drag-and-drop bracket orders or use a responsive order panel.

Smartly define flexible entry, stop and profit targets or apply a partial position close

Never miss a trade with 12 alert conditions on price, indicators and strategies

You can also dive deeper into the depth-of-market (DOM) analysis by measuring supply and demand

All-round analytics
All-round analytics

100+ fundamental fields and ratios, financial statements and valuation analysis are all within easy reach.

Simulate trading on your chart and use historical data to test various strategies with detailed reports

Research or produce top trading and educational ideas to take your analytical skills to the next level

Dive into a variety of heatmaps to understand the overall state of an industry or the whole market

TradingView apps

Do you trade on the go or prefer a desktop experience? Choose the option that suits you best from the collection of robust apps for all trading occasions.

Frequently asked questions
Smart answers to common questions.

How can I create a TradingView account?

Go to and click the member icon on the top right-hand corner. Hit the ‘sign in’ button and then choose your preferred method of verification.

Access your OANDA account from TradingView
Tradingview Access 1

Open an account

Create a live or demo account with OANDA.

Tradingview access 2

Select OANDA

Go to the OANDA broker profile on TradingView and click “Trade” or open chart, then click on the ‘trading panel’ tab and select OANDA from the list of brokers.

Tradingview Access 3

Start trading

Enter your account details to authorize access to your OANDA trading account. You can now trade via TradingView.