FX Payments FAQs

Frequently asked questions


How does the OANDA payments service work?

We have established a partner network. Each partner in our network has a unique offering. We determine which partner will best suit your currency payment transaction requirements and direct you to them.


Is this service for individuals or corporations?

Our partner network can assist with both personal and corporate payment requirements.


Which currencies are supported?

We have aligned ourselves to a number of partners who offer more than 130 currencies in 50+ countries. Our partners will manage your requirements and discuss their currency coverage with you.


Are there any limitations on payment volumes?

The appropriate partner would be happy to discuss this with you.


Why should I use your service when I could directly go to any of your partners?

The payments industry has so many players. To help you through this challenge and select a partner that is right for you, we provide you with a recommendation based on your unique requirements.


Does OANDA facilitate payments?

No. We will only refer you to an appropriate partner within our network.


Can you give me a quote?

Once you fill out our form, we will direct you to a partner who best fits your requirements. They will provide you with a quote.


Will I get a better rate/quote from your partner network than I would from my bank?

Members of our partner network offer very competitive rates. Once you have connected with the appropriate partner, they will give you a quote.


Is there a minimum or maximum transaction amount?

Different partners have different requirements. The appropriate partner will let you know how their service works.


Can I make a payment to a recipient in any country?

Our partners have an extensive network and we will connect you with the most suitable match.

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