Historical exchange rates FAQs

Please note, this FAQ applies only to OANDA's FXDS which provides exchange rate subscriptions and other currency solutions for businesses.

Frequently asked questions


My company needs multiple seats to access the historical exchange rates application. Do you offer an affordable solution for this?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at fxdata@oanda.com with the following information:

  • How you will be using the historical currency data
  • The number of accounts/seats you need for your company

Is it possible to select and compare more than five quote currencies at the same time?

Yes. To do so, please click on the + button next to the last quote currency. You can compare up to 10 quoted currencies simultaneously. If you need more than 10, the OANDA Exchange Rates API subscription plan may be suitable for you. Detailed information on how to automate your currency data retrieval process is available here.


Why can’t I download historical exchange rates?

You have most likely not signed up for the premium plan. By becoming an OANDA premium user, you have unlimited access to our historical currency data (dating back to 1990), which is available for download. You may sign up for a free 30-day trial.

If you are already an OANDA Historical Currency Converter customer and cannot download the data of your choice, you may not be signed in to your account. Please click on the 'Sign In' button located on the top-right corner of the window to sign in to your account.


Why can I only see historical data going back to one year?

If you are already an OANDA historical exchange rates customer and can’t access data older than one year, you may not be signed in to your account. Please click on the 'sign in' button located at the top-right corner of your browser window.


Can I use the same login and password for my exchange rates API subscription to sign in to the historical exchange rates web page?

Not at this time. The login credentials for the historical exchange rates are unique to this product. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the 'Forgot Password' link on the sign in page. If you need additional assistance, contact us on +1 800-826-8164 (toll-free), or +1(212)390-8735 (international) EST. You can also contact us via email at webservices@oanda.com.


How do I cancel my Historical Currency Converter (HCC) subscription?

You can easily cancel your HCC subscription by visiting our Self-Service portal directly at the 'My Subscription' section.


What are the payment options for my HCC subscription?

For HCC subscriptions, we accept payments via credit card. You can manage your credit card details through our Self-Service portal.

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