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As a developer, you can build your own API integration or select from our pre-built integrations and connectors that can be up and running almost immediately.

It is easy to integrate our powerful Exchange Rates API into your system, software or application. Our self-servicing developers portal will help you save valuable resources and development time.

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Integration documentation, sample code and handy guides to help developers integrate our API into your platform, tool or website.

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Leverage your free API key to test various currency pairs and outputs with our interactive API documentation page.

Take advantage of our pre-built integrations

We have partnered with ERPs, accounting software providers, treasury management systems, and integration platforms to make our API installation as seamless and efficient as possible.

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  3. Start pulling data from the OANDA API

Platform eco-system

Our pre-built integrations allow you to use pre-built interfaces to connect your ERP systems with OANDA. Simply enter your API key in your ERP system and define a schedule for your updates, and your ERP instance will start receiving rates from OANDA for system-wide use.

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Third party connectors

We have developed integrations with specialised partners who support a range of system interfaces with a wide range of third-party systems. Contact one of our integration partners if you don't see your ERP, account. or treasury platforms here.

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Why choose the OANDA API

  • Outputs in JSON, XML and CSV formats
  • Over 38,000 currency pairs
  • Fully redundant servers

Resources to help you get more from our API

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Work with sample code

Generate API clients in the language of your choice.

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API comparison

Accurate exchange rates data. We offer direct access to real-time FX data from all major participants in the interbank market.

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Our team of experts will help you choose a plan or create a custom quote to fit your exact FX needs.


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Frequently asked questions


How are OANDA's rates calculated?

The exchange rates provided by us are averages from the global foreign exchange market gathered from frequently updated sources, including our fxTrade currency trading platform, leading market data vendors and contributing financial institutions. Most of our rates are based on tens of thousands of different price points, collected every tick, every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our state-of-the-art technology then validates rates and detects/filters anomalies using algorithms, and calculates the average of all collected data over a 24-hour period to make it available to our customers.


Why are OANDA's rates different from other sources?

Our FX rates are derived from constantly updating sources, including our fxTrade currency trading platform, leading market data vendors, and contributing financial institutions. FX is an over-the-counter (OTC) market, which means that OTC contracts are not executed and cleared on a central exchange as you find for stocks, futures and other listed instruments. This means that the source and quality of FX rates can vary widely between data providers. Our rates might differ from other data providers, as they may make use of a single source or non-tradable rates. We offer actually traded foreign exchange prices to our clients and are recognised globally as the standard for accurate FX data.


At what time do you publish the latest rates?

The exchange rate data is updated at 00:00 UTC. However, we also offer 96 fixings points daily, allowing you to customise your reporting period. For more information on how this works, please contact us.


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