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It is easy to integrate our API into your existing platform, giving you access to over 31 years of historical data for over 38,000 forex pairs and rates from over 200 currencies, commodities and precious metals. As a market maker, we have direct access to real-time FX rates so you can be assured that the data we provide is always accurate and reliable.

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Secure and reliable

Dedicated Internet connection, REST protocol, GET HTTP method and HTTPS security mode. We also offer UTC timestamps and fully redundant servers.

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Manage FX risk

Access one of the largest data sets of its kind, including daily average exchange rates, real-time rates, forward rates, tick-level data, and the OANDA FX order book.

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Credible and accurate

Diversify your FX sources for credibility and accuracy. We offer exchange rates from 100+ central banks, so you can meet your company's financial compliance requirements.

Meet your financial compliance requirements easily while saving money

Auditors, accountants, hedge fund managers, treasurers, software developers and product managers use our API to track FX movements accurately and consistently. The ability to automate your exchange rate retrieval processes will put your auditors at ease and give your finance department accurate rates they can trust. The simple and flexible functionality of our API accurately tracks FX movements and eliminates manual errors. Supports JSON, XML and CSV formats.

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Range of exchange rate data sets

Average rates

Bid, ask, mid-point; daily, weekly, quarterly, annual or custom periods. Up to 96 historical fixings per day. Historical fixing data includes bid, ask, mid-point for open, close, high and low.

Real-time rates

Streaming bid, ask and mid-point rates available via REST or FIX API.

Forward rates

Get your forward exchange rate data in the same easy-to-use API as spot exchange rate data.

Ease of use

ERP integration

We have partnered with major ERPs to streamline the integration process and make the rates upload process seamless for you. Our partners include Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Sage Intacct.

Developer portal

Connect directly with OANDA through our powerful API to develop trading strategies and automate your trading experience. Take advantage of documentation, sample code and a range of search and support tools.

Sample code

Generate sample code in a range of programming languages, provide exchange rates for eCommerce companies, implement high-frequency trading algorithms, combine our chart data with the StockTwits API, and more.

7-day free API trial

Apply for an API key and instantly access unlimited quote currencies for 7 days with a free trial.

Our clients include

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API features

Technical capabilities
Supported rates Access over 200 currencies, commodities, and precious metals. Start a free trial.
Total currency pairs Over 38,000
Historical data dating back to 1990
Proprietary data OANDA Rate® data
Other data sources 100+ Central Bank exchange rates
Get access to one of the largest sets of Central Bank exchange rates including ECB, Bank of Canada, Banco de Mexico, and more.
Types of exchange rates data Average rates
Bid, ask, mid-point. Daily, weekly, quarterly and annual custom periods
Market and Central Bank rates
Customizable % spread

Real-time rates
Spot rates (bid, ask, mid-point) updated every 5 seconds
Number of historical fixings per day: 96
Historical fixings data includes bid, ask, mid-point for open, close, high and low

Foward rate
Used for hedging purposes to lock in an exchange rate for the purchase or sale of a currency at a future date and for determining mark-to-market value.

Forex order book
Open orders and positions held on the OANDA fxTrade platform

API functionality

Technical capabilities
HTTP method supported GET
Protocol supported REST
Security mode HTTPS
Formats JSON, XML, CSV
UTC timestamps? Yes
Fully redundant servers? Yes
Dedicated Internet connections Yes

Ease of use

Technical capabilities
ERP integration See integrations
Online documentation Visit Developer Portal
Sample code Generate sample code
Can I try out the API? Yes, test drive the API
Free trial Sign up to start 7-day free trial
We provide phone and email support

Frequently asked questions


How does the API integration work?

Our out-of-the-box solutions and connectors, as well as integration support, enable you to install our rates quickly. Visit our developer portal for documentation, sample codes, and more. Or talk with our integration specialists.


How long does it take to integrate with OANDA?

In many cases, our API can easily be implemented within one business day. Our developer portal provides tools such as comprehensive documentation, sample code and more, so you can take full advantage of our Exchange Rates API.


What type of data does OANDA Exchange Rates offer?

Our Exchange Rates API offers one of the largest data sets of its kind. This includes daily average exchange rates, real-time rates, forward rates, tick-level data and the OANDA FX orderbook.


Can I try out the Exchange rates API for free?

You can start testing our Exchange Rates API in minutes with a free trial account. Complete our simple sign up form to receive a free API key to access OANDA Rates. Your API key is available for 7 days and allows you to access unlimited quotes during the free trial period. Contact us now to discuss your Exchange Rates API needs.


Can't find what you're looking for?

See our full list of frequently asked questions or contact us to discuss your Exchange Rates API needs.

Flexible API pricing plans

Our API plans start from $4,850 per year. Or choose a customised plan and get real-time rates, tick data and more.

2 ways to connect to our API

Build your own API integration or select from our pre-built integrations and connectors that can be up and running in no time.

7-day free API trial

Download our API key and see how easily you can integrate our API into your system. We offer unlimited quotes for 7 days for free.