ING Groep N.V.

ING Groep N.V. is a leading Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. With a rich history spanning over 150 years, ING has emerged as one of the largest banks in Europe, catering to over 38 million customers across 40+ countries worldwide. The company offers a diverse range of financial products and services, including retail and commercial banking, insurance, asset management, and investment banking. ING is committed to sustainability and has set ambitious targets to reduce its carbon footprint and increase investments in renewable energy. The company is also focused on digital innovation, leveraging technology to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and responsible business practices, ING is dedicated to helping customers achieve their financial goals while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Especificación del instrumento para ING Groep N.V.

Valor de orden mínimo 1
Descripción ING Groep N.V.
Valor de orden máximo 5453
Paso de transacción 1
Type Equities NL
Horario comercial monday-friday 09:01-17:29
Tamaño del contrato / 1 lote Price * 1 EUR
Depósito necesario 20%
Valor de 1 pip 0.001
Apalancamiento financiero 5:1
Paso mínimo 0.001
Swap largo (diario) -0.01919%
Venta corta YES
Swap corto (diario) 0.00253%
Distancia SL y TP 0
Triple swap (fecha)

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