Complaint process

OANDA (Canada) Corporation ULC (“OANDA”) is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you have any concerns please contact us right away.

Have a concern?

If you have concerns involving allegations of misconduct by OANDA or an employee of OANDA, we encourage to let us know and give us the opportunity to resolve the issue. You may chat, call or e-mail to raise your concerns:

In order to resolve your concerns, we will need all relevant details, such as your account number, dates of transactions, details of your concerns and how OANDA can resolve your complaint. Please be advised that e-mail is not a secure method of communication – do not include sensitive personal or financial information in an e-mail.

If you have a disability and require further assistance, please let us know how we can help.

OANDA Chief Compliance Officer is the Designated Complaints Officer who has ultimate responsibility for managing the client complaint process. If you have any concerns with the handling of your complaint during the process, these concerns can be directed to:

Designated Complaints Officer

OANDA (Canada) Corporation ULC

370 King Street West, 2nd Floor, Box 60

Toronto, ON M5V 1J9


OANDA's action

We will investigate all complaints from customers (or a customer's authorized representative). Under no circumstances will the subject person of a complaint investigate the complaint.

Where applicable, within 5 business days of your complaint, an acknowledgment letter is sent to you, including the information of the person investigating your complaint, an explanation of OANDA complaint handling process and three Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (“IIROC)” brochures entitled “How IIROC Protects Investors”, “Making a Complaint: A Guide for Investors” and “How Can I get My Money Back? A Guide for Investors”. We may request additional information from you.

Complaints are responded to as soon as possible with minimal delay, however this process may take up to 90 days depending on the subject matter involved. You may contact the person investigating your complaint for status update.

Within 90 days of your complaint, a written summary of your complaint, our explanation of the results of our investigation, OANDA's final decision, and options available to you will be provided to you. If for any reason, OANDA cannot meet this deadline, OANDA will inform you in advance with an explanation and an estimated timeline for completion.

Still unsatisfied?

If a response is not provided within 90 days of your complaint or you are not satisfied with the resolution, you may also raise a complaint with the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) for their review. The OBSI is a free, independent service for resolving investment disputes impartially and can recommend compensation of up to a limit of $350,000. You have up to 180 days after receiving OANDA’s final response to submit your complaint to the OBSI. Raising a complaint with OBSI does not restrict you from using an alternate dispute resolution service (at your expense) or from bringing an action in court. For further information, including contact information, please visit OBSI’s website:

OANDA is a member of IIROC. If you believe OANDA has broken IIROC rules, you may make a complaint to IIROC directly: complaint.

If you are a Quebec resident, you may also consider the free mediation service offered by the Autorité des marchés financiers. For further information, please visit: