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GBP to HKD pair trading

The GBP to HKD pair involves two of the most frequently traded currencies across the world – the British Pound Sterling and the Hong Kong dollar. According to the Bank for International Settlements, the GBP ranks fourth on that list, while the HKD is just outside the top 10 in 13th (2016).

Such a frequency of trade makes the GBP to HKD pair a crucial one for those operating within the global forex market. The GBP to HKD rate is prone to greater fluctuations than the United States dollar to HKD pair – which is pegged by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority – and can therefore be a more volatile option for forex traders.

GBP to HKD news

The GBP to HKD rate will depend largely on the performance of the Pound Sterling, given that the HKD is linked to the USD and its rate will only vary within a set value range. Followers of GBP to HKD news may also be interested in keeping track of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, which could have an effect on exporting if the UK was to leave the EU without a deal in place.

Political factors in Hong Kong – a free port – may also have an impact on the GBP to HKD rate, with protests in the country making for a great deal of instability and uncertainty, which is likely to have a knock-on effect in relation to the nation’s economy.

GBP to HKD chart

Our GBP to HKD chart provides you with the chance to track the performance of the GBP to HKD pair in real time. What’s more, current and prospective traders can monitor the pair’s movement across an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly timescale, which could increase the possibility of spotting any potential trends. However, the data should not be considered as a guarantee or prediction of any future performance of the GBP to HKD rate.