Corporate FX Payments

Global payments tailored to meet your FX needs

We help businesses streamline cash flow and better manage foreign currency exchange risks. Use our services to manage payment disbursements, transfer money across global offices and hold balances in multi-currency accounts safely and securely.

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Our corporate FX partners

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Counter currency volatility and protect profit

Whether your business has import/export payments to manage, a foreign payroll to process or overseas earnings to repatriate, our partnership with TorFX lets you transfer online 24/7 or over the phone with your personal account manager, check live exchange rates and more.

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Make better decisions about international money transfers

TempusFX, in partnership with OANDA, works as an extension for your business. We offer competitive rates and make sending and receiving transfers as painless as possible so your business can focus on what really matters.

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Optimize your cash flow and streamline global payments

Transform your corporate business with a team of experienced currency traders and a global footprint spanning 200 countries and territories and 130 currencies. Build robust FX risk management strategies and increase operational efficiencies with an intuitive online payment platform.

Serving businesses across a range of sectors

Used by technology, retail, pharma and not-for-profit organisations alike, our money transfer platform helps companies carry out their FX operations with ease.

  • Hedge cross-border expenses
  • Convert international payments into domestic currency
  • Pay and manage invoices from overseas suppliers
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"While other options were discussed, there was no serious consideration beyond OANDA. For us, the uniqueness of OANDA is their broad use and universal acceptance as a go-to for FX data."

Brian Osborn
Corporate Controller, Gibson Brands, Inc

Free resources by our FX experts

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4 steps to help international businesses protect profits

Effective currency risk management helps to minimise the impact of foreign exchange on cash flow by developing a strategy based on the unique needs of an individual business. Learn how to prepare a simple currency risk management strategy for your business.

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International local currency payments

When sending payments in your currency to foreign suppliers, your currency is a foreign currency to them. They are not only subject to the costs of converting your currency by their bank, but also assuming considerable foreign exchange risk in the process. What are the benefits of paying international suppliers in their local currency?

Frequently asked questions


How does the OANDA payments service work?

We have established a partner network. Each partner in our network has a unique offering. We determine which partner will best suit your currency payment transaction requirements and direct you to them.


Which currencies are supported?

We have aligned ourselves to a number of partners who offer more than 130 currencies in 50+ countries. Our partners will manage your requirements and discuss their currency coverage with you.


Are there any limitations on payment volumes?

The appropriate partner would be happy to discuss this with you.


Will I get a better rate/quote from your partner network than I would from my bank?

Members of our partner network offer very competitive rates. Once you have connected with the appropriate partner, they will give you a quote.


Is there a minimum or maximum transaction amount?

Different partners have different requirements. The appropriate partner will let you know how their service works.


Can I make a payment to a recipient in any country?

Our partners have an extensive network and we will connect you with the most suitable match.


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