Marcin Niewiadomski

Head of Europe, OANDA and Chief Executive Officer, TMS Brokers
Marcin Niewiadomski 370x247

Based in Warsaw, Marcin Niewiadomski is Head of Europe with OANDA, responsible for driving company growth throughout the EU27 region.

Marcin is also the CEO and President of the management board of TMS Brokers, where he has spent six years leading the organisation, managing its digital transformation and extending both its product offering and geographical footprint.

Over the course of his 25-year career, Marcin has worked with several financial powerhouses including Link 4, which was a part of the RSA Group, Provident Polska, Kredyt Bank (KBC Bank), GMAC Bank and BRE Bank Securities.

He holds a PhD from the Warsaw School of Economics and an Executive MBA from the Universities of Illinois and Warsaw.