Corporate FX Transfers

Give your business the advantage of an international payments solution designed to meet the exact standards of global corporations and financial institutions.


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See the rate being offered and lock it in with no hidden fees, and leverage local wire delivery to remove additional intermediaries in the delivery chain.

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Speed of Execution

Wire funds locally to OANDA and let us do the international heavy lifting for you. As soon as your funds are received, we make them available for delivery to your beneficiary.

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Risk Management

Our FX forward contracts give you up to 1 year to lock-in a desired rate and hedge your currency exchange rate risk.

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Trusted Worldwide

OANDA is a currency authority trusted worldwide for data accuracy, reliable technology, and support, executing billions of dollars in trades daily on its FX trade platform. 

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Robust Platform

Leverage a secure web-based interface, a full suite of reporting tools, and the availability of ERP integration via API. 

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Competitive pricing

Our buying power, global presence and authority in Forex enables us to select competitive rates and offer you a better deal.


Features include exchange rates with real-time quotes, customizable platform approval hierarchy, and the ability to initiate transactions in more than 75 currency pairs.


Select currency pairs and request a live quote. Lock in your desired rate with no hidden fees and wire funds locally to us – we'll take care of the heavy lifting. †

Real-time quotes - Screen capture of the FX Spot interface.


Manage multi-currency accounts, including beneficiaries, and automate recurring payments all from one place.

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Choose from single transfer and bulk transfer options and split business payments among multiple beneficiaries. Execute spot transactions or enter into forward contracts with a maturity of up to 12 months in supported currencies.

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Track all of your trades in one place, and track settlements and their status in real-time. Our platform features immediate trade confirmation and robust post trade information reporting, and the ability to access and export historical transaction data.

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Monitor the status of the global market and gain valuable insights on your potential FX exposure with our market news and commentary from FX experts. Stay up-to-date and informed with our currency volatility reports and market trends.

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OANDA’s comprehensive help portal guides you every step of the way. If you need personalized assistance, our FX experts are here to answer any questions you have about your transactions.


Our FX Corporate Transfers solution enables businesses to make foreign exchange transactions for the purpose of making payments to beneficiaries, receiving funds in foreign denominations, managing internal foreign exchange cash flows, and managing currency risk.

Accounts payable

Make payments in another currency to an international vendor, or pay your employees and contractors overseas.

Accounts receivable

Receive payments from foreign clients, or convert funds from international transactions to your local currency.

Treasury & cash management

Manage internal cash flow in multiple currencies and repatriate funds from overseas operations.

Risk management

Leverage forward contracts to limit your organization’s exchange rate risk by ‘locking in’ rates for a predefined period of time.

Corporate FX Transfers Service FAQ

Who can use OANDA’s Corporate FX Transfers

OANDA's Corporate FX Transfers is designed for qualified corporations and financial institutions to manage their foreign exchange business needs. Prospective clients are required to complete OANDA’s onboarding materials and provide supporting documents as needed.

Can I send transactions for non-business related reasons?

No, transactions need to be for business purposes. OANDA does not currently support transactions for non-business related reasons.

Can my business receive incoming transactions in foreign currency with OANDA?

Yes, clients can receive incoming foreign currency transactions in supported currencies.

What transaction instruments are available with OANDA?

Clients can execute spot transactions or enter into forward contracts with a maturity of up to 12 months in supported currencies.

When should my beneficiary expect to receive their funds?

Standard delivery is 1-3 business days after your transaction is executed and you receive confirmation. Clearance of funds is required before a transaction can be released. OANDA delivers funds from its accounts in local market to the beneficiary, which helps reduce associated fees and possible delays.

What type of support does OANDA provide to clients?

OANDA has a dedicated operations staff whose goal is to support your transaction needs. Clients receive dedicated phone and email contacts.

Will I be charged for using this service?

There are no enrollment or monthly fees associated with our service – it’s free to sign up! Rates are clearly displayed on the platform for your consideration prior to executing a transaction. Please note that your local bank may charge for fees for sending funds from your account.

Can OANDA integrate with my ERP?

Yes, OANDA can provide an API to connect actionable price feeds directly to your ERP. Please contact us to know what currencies are available.

I already have the OANDA FX data feed plugged into my ERP, what do I need to do to be able to transact?

The data feed API is a one-way API that does not provide rates which can be transacted upon. In order to transact we must provide a separate API.
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Access up to 25 years of historical exchange rates for over 38,000 currency pairs in convenient CSV format.

† Disclaimer:

Exchange rates shown are for illustration purposes only. The exchange rates at which OANDA executes FX transactions are based on current market conditions and other factors.

Trading off-exchange foreign exchange carries a high level of risk and trading through an online platform carries additional risks. Please refer to our more detailed Disclaimer and Risk Warning.