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For over 20 years, OANDA has been the gold standard in FX data, providing a true reflection of the market at any point in time

Data Sources
Forex Market Maker Y Rates Aggregator
Data based on actual trades Y N
Central Banks exchange rates 25+ 0-12
Rates Types
Total number of currencies >200 ~160
Historical data back to 1990 ~1999
Web historical converter Y N
Daily Averages Y Y
Real-time rates Y Y
Forward Rates 360+ pairs 0-100 pairs
Fixings per day 96 up to 24
Tick-level data Y N
Forex order book Y N
Activation fees $0 up to $1300
30 day free trial Y ~7 in some cases
Cloud-based Rest API Y Y
Fully-redundant servers Y N
Dedicated internet connection Y N
SSAE16 standards (Data Centers)
SOC-1 Type II Y N
SOC-2 Type II Y N
ISO 27001 Y N
An FX partner you can trust
Globally regulated by financial authorities Y N

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OANDA, 20 years strong, is not only trusted for accurate and reliable forex data, but also for constantly adapting to new market regulations and staying within compliance of national and foreign policies.


    Our API starts at $4,500/year for the basic plan. We also offer custom plans with multiple add-ons such as real-time rates, tick-by-tick data, and our FX Order Book to fit any unique FX data needs.

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      OANDA partners with ERP and accounting software vendors, Treasury Management System providers, system integrators, solutions providers and more.

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