Exchange Rates API

Access automated, reliable forex data on demand through our web-based API

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We leverage our proprietary trading platform and algorithms to calculate the most accurate exchange rates based on actual forex transactions – giving you a true reflection of the forex market.

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With Tier 3 level security and fully redundant servers, our data will be available to your products and platforms, as you access it directly from its source: us.

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When you subscribe to OANDA, you receive full support for the duration of your contract. Our 25 years of experience in forex is at your service via email and phone, globally.



Access the most comprehensive forex data set of its kind with over 38,000 currency pairs dating back to 1990. Leverage automated currency conversion for all your financial reconciliation and internal reporting needs directly from within your ERP system, accounting software, and more.

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Grow your business by using OANDA’s Exchange Rates to price your products and services accurately wherever they are offered.

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Develop apps and digital products by integrating forex data using our reliable, flexible Exchange Rates API.

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For Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

  • 100,000 quotes per month
  • Proprietary algorithm-generated data
  • Automated data feed via API
  • Daily average bid, mid & ask rates
  • Period average, high & low rates
  • Over 190 currencies & precious metals
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Email support
  • No activation fee


$4,500/yr (save $300/yr)


For Any Sized Business

Includes all Basic Plan features, plus:

  • Unlimited quotes per month
  • Email and Phone support
  • 2 Free licenses for our Historical Currency Converter app
  • OANDA, ECB, and Central Bank Rates available
  • Direct integration and connectors are available for some major ERP systems. Contact us for more information.


$8,500/yr (save $500/yr)


Enterprise Solutions

Our team of experts will develop a custom quote for your company and provide support with integration and implementation where needed.
Common use cases include:

  • Redisplay: Exchange Rates data redisplay for your website visitors or user base within your digital products
  • Derived: Rates embedded into digital products, website, mobile apps, and other corporate and retail solutions
  • Live exchange rates and tick-level data
  • Custom historical dataset downloads 

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$4,500/yr (save $300/yr)


$8,500/yr (save $500/yr)

Request a Quote Today!


  • Currency Conversion Rest API supports JSON, XML & CSV
  • Multiple ERP integrations available
  • Tier 3 level security and fully redundant servers
  • Static IP address
  • Free API Key for test drive
  • 190+ currencies and commodities, 38,000+ currency pairs

  • Daily, weekly, monthly or custom time periods
  • Historical rates dating back to 1990
  • Choose among avg. bid, avg. ask, midpoint, high bid, high ask, low bid, low ask
  • Unlimited decimals required to produce six significant digits
  • OANDA, ECB, and Central Banks rates
  • Live currency exchange rates available

OANDA Exchange Rates are trusted by top audit firms, accounting teams, and thousands of corporations globally.

Google - OANDA Partner
Deloitte - OANDA Partner
Toyota - OANDA Partner
Expedia - OANDA Partner
Disney - OANDA Partner
IATA - Testimonial

268 airlines, 117 countries, 83% of the
world's air traffic, 1 FX partner.

IATA and its members operate globally and deal with different currencies as part of their core business functions. Learn how OANDA helps their finance, treasury and accounting teams manage and update exchange rates daily when converting fares, taxes, and fees.

OANDA proudly partners with IATA, the International Air Transport Association, to provide the airline industry with accurate, automated, and reliable exchange rates data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does API integration work?

It's simple and effortless. Our API outputs foreign exchange rates in several different data formats – JSON, XML & CSV – and are understood by the majority of ERP, accounting and finance packages, including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, NetSuite, SAP, Agresso, and Microsoft Dynamics.

How quickly can we integrate with the OANDA API?

It's easy as 1 2 3! You can build your API url using our Query Builder

Do you have a free trial account?

Yes, you can start testing OANDA API in minutes. Upon completing the Sign-Up form here you will receive free API key to access the OANDA Rates. Your API key is available for 30 days and allows you to access up to 1,000 quotes during the period.

Where can we find more details on the OANDA API or developer’s page?

You can find the Exchange Rates API documentation here.

What is an API key and where can I find it?

An API key is a unique credential that allows you to query OANDA Rates through http/ERP. Please sign into the Self-Service area and you will see it on the main page of your account.

Do you have any partners who can help us integrate OANDA Exchange Rates Data into our ERP system?

Yes! To help our customers integrate our FX rates seamlessly, OANDA partners with many of the major ERP systems including Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. For more information, please contact our FX integration specialists at

Need more help?

We are here to help! Our FX Specialists are available at 1 800-826-8164 (toll-free)/ +1(212)390-8735 (Press 1 for Exchange Rates Data Feed, then 1 for Sales) or
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OANDA’s global solution allows your business to make foreign exchange transactions for transfers to beneficiaries, receive funds in foreign denominations, manage foreign exchange cash flows internally and more.