Competitive CPA Plan

Earn up to US$600

We offer one of the most competitive compensation plans in the financial trading industry. As an affiliate, you can earn up to US$600 for every qualified trader you introduce to us.

OANDA CPA plan is tiered by country

Tier1 CPA: $600

Tier2 CPA: $400

Tier3 CPA: $200

You can see the countries division by tier here.

Qualification terms

To qualify as successful, every client you introduce to us must: Make a minimum deposit of US$190 and place 5 trades of any type*.

With OANDA your users gain premium trading experience, which is expected to increase their conversion rate and your fees.

OANDA is your trusted partner with one of the most competitive CPA payment plans in the industry. An affiliate can earn up to US$600 per qualified trader, making it one of the most profitable payment plans in the leveraged trading industry.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Frequently asked questions


Can I access my performance reports?

Yes, you’ll be able to access your performance reports on our affiliate platform after you join our programme.


How long do you track prospects for?

Once a prospect clicks on your OANDA banner or link, a cookie will be dropped in their browser. Any registration within a 30-day validation period will then be recorded, unless the user clears their browser cookies. Cookies reset every time a potential client clicks on a marketing partner’s link.


How does your compensation plan work?

Our main standard compensation plan is based on CPA. This means that we pay you for each client referred by you that meets our qualification criteria. Currently, a client must make a minimum deposit of USD190 (or equivalent in another currency) and at least 5 closed trades to qualify. Your commission will be calculated for the month in which a client first fulfils both these criteria. Please note that commission varies depending on the client’s country and the products traded and the partner’s terms. You can find full details of our compensation plans on our payment plans page.


Can I refer other partners?

Yes, you can become a master partner and make referrals by agreement with your affiliate manager.


Which payment methods do you offer?

You can choose to be paid by:

  • Bank transfer

What is your payment frequency?

We pay commission monthly, in the month after it was generated. For example, if you earn commission in March, we’ll pay it in April.


Is there minimum commission payment?

Yes. If your commission balance is below USD250 in a particular month, we’ll carry it over to the next month’s balance. If your balance hasn’t reached USD250 within six months, it will become void and no longer payable.


How will you recognise clients referred by me?

Each marketing partner has a unique partnership ID. We include this in the tracking code that we assign to any marketing tool you select from our catalogue for use on your website. When a user clicks on a banner or tracking link on your site, a cookie is dropped on their computer. This tells us that the prospect was referred by you.