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Earn up to US$1,000

As an affiliate, you can earn up to US$1,000 for every client you successfully* introduce to us.

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A globally-recognised broker

We are a fully regulated broker with over 25 years' experience. We offer prices on a wide range of CFD markets, including indices, forex, metals and cryptocurrencies. Our spreads are competitive and our pricing is transparent.

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We help you drive more conversions

From captivating banners to high-performing landing pages, our marketing assets are optimally designed and effective. Our account opening process is streamlined to ensure a frictionless customer experience. Documentation is not required for clients who deposit below US$9,000†.

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We have clients in 100 countries worldwide

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We have offices in 9 cities on 4 continents

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We offer the world-class MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

Why partner with OANDA?

Our spreads are tight, starting from 1 pip for EUR/USD. The MT4 and MT5 platform technology combines with OANDA's excellent client services team to offer our clients a powerful trading experience. Our platform and spreads are competitive, so you can focus on maximising your conversion rate and ROI.

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Convert better, earn better

Our trading affiliate programme offers one of the most competitive compensation plans in the financial trading industry. You can earn as much as US$1,000 for every client you successfully introduce.

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Excellent service

Track referrals on our advanced affiliate software using reports and dashboards. A dedicated affiliate manager will help you with platform support, regular performance review calls and more.

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A proactive sales team

We make it easier for you to convert prospects into actively traded clients. Our friendly sales team work hard to answer any account or platform-related queries that your new clients may have.

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Frequently asked questions


What is the OANDA partner programme?

The OANDA partner programme is the official affiliate programme of the global OANDA brand. It is considered to be one of the leading and most profitable affiliate programmes in the financial market.


Who can join?

Companies and individuals aged 18 or older can join our programme.


Does it cost to become a member?

There are no costs or monthly fees associated with becoming a member of the OANDA affiliate programme. It is completely free to join.


Do I need to have a website in order to promote OANDA?

Yes. OANDA is a regulated company and due to regulatory requirements, our affiliates are only authorised to promote our brand on websites that are approved by us.


How can I get my site approved for the programme?

Our marketing rules state the dos and don’ts of promoting OANDA. Your website content must be:

  • Fair
  • Balanced
  • Not misleading
  • Targeted at an audience that's appropriate for us

Please note that we monitor each website in our programme on a monthly basis, and your affiliate manager will work with you to make sure that the content on your site is in line with our rules.

Apply via the new affiliate form and include your website. Or if you’re already a partner, reach out to us on partners@oanda.com with your proposed website details.


How can I promote OANDA?

Once your website is approved by our compliance team, the affiliate links will be activated and you may begin referring traffic. You’re welcome to choose from our variety of marketing tools and implement them on your website.


Can I promote OANDA in any country?

No. Due to regulatory reasons, you can only promote OANDA in the countries listed in the compensation plan. For further information, contact our team on partners@oanda.com.


Who is a qualified trader?

A qualified trader is someone who opens a trading account with us and meets our minimum requirements. These include depositing funds once and trading, but these requirements may be updated from time to time.


Which documents do I need to supply?

Our regulators require us to verify all applications, so we’ll ask you to submit the following:

For individuals, proof of identity confirming your name, date of birth and residential address.

For companies, details including your certificate of incorporation, company identification number and business address, plus proof of your bank details. In some cases we may need to see your official register of shareholders holding over 25%, as well as their ID documents.


How will OANDA support me as a partner?

We offer a dedicated affiliate manager to each of our partners. Your affiliate manager can advise on the best-converting marketing tools based on your unique needs as a partner. Our affiliate managers can explain the features of our affiliate platform, including the dashboard and performance reports, and will answer any questions you may have.


What is the target audience for the OANDA partner programme?

Our products are not suitable for everyone, so we target our audience carefully. This means that we’re interested in people who have both the means and ability to trade. They could be:

  • Already actively trading (using CFDs or similar products)
  • Considering trading (intending to start trading CFDs or similar products, or to restart after a period of inactivity)
  • Potential traders (financially engaged individuals who are probably already investing online, and could benefit from adding our leveraged and/or un-leveraged products to their portfolios).

See our CPA plan

Our CPA plans are lucrative, and you can earn up to US$1,000 for every qualified trader you introduce to us.

See our Affiliate Agreement

Get information about our terms and conditions and find out about the legalities involved when you partner with us.

*Conditions apply

†Full account verification only needed when gross account deposit exceeds US$9,000.

^We pay you for every client you successfully introduce to us. Please see details of our compensation plan on the CPA Payment Plan page. Subject to terms and conditions.