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EUR to CHF pair trading

The EUR to CHF pair is one of the most popular cross currency pairs in the forex market. Combining the Euro and the Swiss franc, the sheer volume and regular movement in trades involving these two currencies opens up a number of opportunities for traders and investors to make a profitable return.

Although it only came into circulation in 2002, the Euro has become one of the most dependable currencies for forex traders and is used by 19 of the 28 member nations within the European Union. The Swiss franc has a much more storied history, dating all the way back to the late 18th century.

EUR to CHF news

Any traders monitoring the progress of the EUR to CHF rate will likely be keeping a keen eye on negotiations between Switzerland and the EU regarding the former’s access to the single market. Delays in reaching an agreement have seen the EU prepare to downgrade Switzerland’s access to the market, which could have a telling impact on the performance of the EUR to CHF pair.

Switzerland has long been the EU’s third largest trading partner, with deals totalling €265 billion in 2018. With the economies of so many countries affecting the state of the Euro, the EUR to CHF rate can fluctuate on a regular basis. Followers of EUR to CHF news may also have to take into account any political crises, inflation, employment figures and GDP growth, among other factors.

EUR to CHF chart

Our EUR to CHF chart offers you the chance to track the performance of this cross currency pair in real time. Any current or potential future traders will also be able to monitor the movement of the EUR to CHF rate across an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly period, which could deliver key insights into any visible trends across those timescales. However, the data in our EUR to CHF chart must be not considered as a guarantee or prediction of any future performance.