fxEconoStats Online Help

fxEconoStats provides convenient, single-point access to a wide-range of economic data. Based on information supplied by various governments and authorized agencies, fxEconoStats employs the latest web-based technologies to present an impressive array of critical information to help you make timely and informed decisions based on the latest financial news.

fxEconoStats does this by collecting officially-released economic data from the appropriate authorities, and then compiling the information for presentation in an easy-to-interpret, graphical format. 

Viewing fxEconoStats Charts

When retrieving charts to view in fxEconoStats, you start by first selecting the country for which you wish to generate graphs and then the data type. The following data types are currently available for each country:

  • Interest Rates
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Employment / Unemployment
  • Production, Business Activity
  • Prices, Indices
  • International Status
  • Commodities

Each data type in the list above contains several graphs available for viewing - the exact number and content reflects the information as supplied by the selected country's government departments and authorized agents. For example, if you select Australia as the county and then Interest Rates, the following four graphs are available:

  • Cash Rate Target
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Overnight Indexed Swaps
  • Yield Curve

While most countries track similar economic indicators, there may be significant differences between how each jurisdiction defines and even collects the key data. 

Working with the Charts

You can view historical data for any chart by repositioning the chart to show information to the left of the display area. To move the chart, click and hold anywhere inside the chart and drag the cursor to the new position you wish to see in the display. Note that you can only view historical data to the extent that it is made available by the authority supplying the data. You can also perform the following actions by clicking the associated icon:

Email chart - Opens a dialogue box that enables you to send the chart to the email address you provide.
Print chart - Opens the Print dialogue box.
Save chart - Click to save the chart to the destination you specify.
Embed Chart - Click to open a dialogue box that contains a link you can embed into a web page or blog:

Click OK - the script to embed the chart will be copied to your clipboard and will be available for copying into a web page.
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Range - Click on the beginning of the range you wish to zoom in on and click at the end. The chart automatically zooms in on the selected range.
Information - Click to view a popup dialogue box that explains the content of the chart. 
Calendar - Available on Comparative Charts only.

Used to set the start date - or base date - for the comparison range. Click the calendar to open the following dialogue box:
Enter the starting date in mmddyyyy format and click Submit.
. Source Link - Each graph includes a link to the official source for the data displayed in the graph. You can follow this link to learn more about the definition of the indicator and how the data is collected.

Global Indicators

The Global option in the list of countries contains a set of charts unique to this selection. This is because Global is intended to display pricing information for a series of widely-traded commodities. Note that these charts are comparative charts that combine multiple trend lines on each chart. See Comparative Charts for more information on using this type of chart.

The following charts are currently available under the Global option:

  1. Oil Price - compares the world market price for:
    • West Texas Intermediate
    • Europe Brent Spot Price
  2. AM Gold Fix / Silver Fix - compares the price change in percent over the specified time period for:
    • Silver Fix Price
    • AM Gold Fix Price
  3. Commodities - compares the price change in percent over the specified time period for:
    • West Texas Intermediate
    • Silver Fix Price
    • AM Gold Fix Price
  4. Commodities - compares the price change in percent over the specified time period for:
    • Europe Brent Spot Rate
    • Silver Fix Price
    • AM Gold Fix Price

Comparative Charts

fxEconoStats includes a series of comparative charts that super-impose multiple trend lines within one chart.

The following is an example of a comparative chart that compares Consumer Price Index information for Great Britain, the United States, and Canada on a single chart:

It is possible to remove a trend line from the chart simply by removing the checkmark next to the entry in the legend that you wish to eliminate. With this release of fxEconoStats, the following comparative charts - displaying data for Canada, the UK, and the US - are available:

  • Key Interest Rates
  • Gross Domestic Product
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Trade Balance - percentage change for time period
  • Retail Sales
Note: Because the data for each country is provided by different agencies, there may be variances in the data reporting periods. For instance, the US and UK provide GDP reports on a quarterly basis, while Canada reports month over month results. Also, some jurisdictions may provide more recent information than others such as the following example where the UK Unemployment Rate line is truncated as the available data is slightly behind that supplied by US and Canadian agencies:

This is for general information purposes only - Examples shown are for illustrative purposes and may not reflect current prices from OANDA. It is not investment advice or an inducement to trade. Past history is not an indication of future performance.