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Trading performance portal

Powered by Chasing Returns, our portal analyzes your trading history and helps you focus on your strengths while identifying areas you can improve. You can use the portal to benchmark yourself, stick to your trading goals, analyze trade data and formulate strategies to improve your trading performance. Trading Performance is available on your OANDA Trade platform and OANDA Trade mobile app.

Hero Trading Perform
Game Plan


Game Plan shows where your trade strategy is strong and where you can improve your strategy. Using the dashboard and Game Plan sections, you can:

  • Visualize, track and manage your trading performance at the click of a button from your OANDA Trade web platform or mobile device.
  • See a breakdown of your trading performance by instrument, overall and average P/L, win rate, risk to reward ratio and more.
  • Use the Strategy Edges to determine if your profitability is different based on long or short trades or how long you hold trades.
  • Explore the Timing Edges to see if the time of day, day of week, or specific months factor into your trading success.
  • See which products do well and which could improve; whether you win on long trading or lose on short trading, and which timeframes you are best at.

Your Strategy Edges and Timing Edges generally show their value when you’ve made at least 200 trades. Long-term success in trading can be defined by focusing on meaningful metrics in the long term, and not by individual P&L of any one trade.

Dashboard Trading Performance


Trading Performance has three modules. You can use the dashboard to track your hourly, daily, weekly and monthly progress. Keep all your trades in one place, without having to re-type or export them. You can also learn if:

  • Your winners are as large as your losers
  • You are spending more time making losing trades as compared to winning trades
  • Your bottom 5% of trades are having a large impact on your returns


Use the journal to review all your trades as a spreadsheet. Sort and review by category, including:

  • Trades that made the most/least amount of money.
  • This week's trades only
  • Trades based on their duration/product

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