We have partnered with MotiveWave to offer you a professional charting analysis software. Use MotiveWave's easy-to-use advanced charting capabilities for strategy back testing and reporting, genetic and exhaustive strategy optimization, replay mode and more.

MotiveWave’s advanced analysis techniques include Elliott Wave, ratio analysis, Fibonacci, Gartley and Gann.


Available for Windows and Mac OS X

Exchange - Pound to Euro

Trade our full range of FX pairs using MotiveWave


Over 250 built-in studies/indicators

Advanced features for smarter trading

With MotiveWave, you can trade directly from charts with just one click and access over 30 built-in strategies. It’s designed for multiple monitors and has different products to fit any trading style and budget. Other features include:

Depth-of-market, quotes sheets, buy/sell boxes and trade panel
Java SDK for custom studies, indicators and strategy creation
Advanced strategy trading, including back testing, optimization, replay mode and walk-forward testing
Advanced commentary tools
Compact chart mode maximizes screen space
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