NinjaTrader 8

Enhance your forex trading strategy with NinjaTrader 8’s industry-leading charting, analysis and automation capabilities. Install NinjaTrader 8 now or contact

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Advanced charting: fully customizable and actionable charts
  • Professional-grade charting package displays bid and ask simultaneously
  • Pre-configured with 100s of indicators and various chart styles to help your technical analysis
  • Easily access powerful drawing tools to measure the market with precision
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Order entry: use multiple order entry interfaces designed for fast order execution
  • Place and modify orders directly from charts, through the FX Board or through customizable Hotkeys
  • Use One Cancels the Other (OCO) orders to protect your open position. When one fills, the other is automatically cancelled.
  • Use ATM strategies to help protect open positions with automatically submitted stop and target orders or attach orders to indicators for automated order execution
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Automated trading: NinjaTrader provides multiple solutions to automate forex trade execution
  • Build, test and deploy automated trading strategies using “point and click” construction for non-programmers
  • Attach orders to indicators for automated order execution. No programming needed and defined completely through the user-interface
  • Use NinjaTrader’s modern C# based trading framework to build rich and integrated apps. If you think it, you can build it
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Market analyzer: monitor forex markets in real time based on your predefined conditions to quickly uncover opportunities
  • Customize lists through a variety of data points including price and time data, profit and loss and even indicator values
  • Add multiple indicator columns for actionable information at a glance
  • Trigger alerts or display graphs when your pre-defined conditions are met
  • Rank, sort, and filter instruments dynamically based on data from any column

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