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Germany 30 – Trade the Germany 30

Trade in one of the most liquid and fast-moving stock market indices with the Germany 30 index. Founded in 1988, the Germany 30 has risen in prominence and has become one of the world’s most actively-traded indices – offering compelling opportunities for CFD investors and traders looking to maximise their returns.

What is the Germany 30 index?

The Germany 30 is a stock market index comprising 30 of the largest and most liquid blue chip companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). When you trade this capitalisation-weighted index, you’ll be trading in the fortunes of some of the most well-known global brands including BMW, Deutsche Bank, Adidas and Siemens.

The 30 companies listed on the DE30 represent 75% of the total market cap of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As such, it can often be used as a barometer of the wider German economy – one of the largest in the EU. The Germany 30 index also appeals to international investors as the listed companies generate significant revenue from sales and operations outside Germany.

How does the Germany 30 work?

One of the features that attracts CFD traders to the Germany 30 is its fast-moving and volatile nature. Germany 30 prices are taken from the Xetra trading venue, which calculates the index every second and presents numerous opportunities for traders to long or short the market.

The composition of the Germany 30 can change quarterly, with companies added or removed based on their current market cap and order book size.

What drives the Germany 30 price?

There are several factors that can affect the Germany 30 price and that any prospective traders should be aware of. These factors include:

− The performance of the German (and eurozone) economies

− The performance of other economies that DE30 companies are exposed to e.g. USA

− German and European Union policy making

− The performance of the Euro exchange rate

− Company weightings within the Germany 30 index

Germany 30 chart

For the latest up-to-the-minute movements, OANDA’s Germany 30 chart allows CFD traders and investors to predict trends and movements in the index. Past performance should not be relied on to provide a guarantee or prediction of future performance, but it can assist traders with spotting potential spreads and opportunities for maximising return on investment.