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Project Administrator, Toronto

Role Summary

The Project administrator  will help the Lead, Project Management team administratively in JIRA and roadmaps. This position will involve responsibilities concerning data in our tools and coordinating with Product, BAs, engineering and project teams gathering information to ensure accuracy.


  • Data accuracy: Aid the lead project management in cleanup of initiative (project information).
  • Communication: Plan and follow up all stakeholders to withPlan, schedule, organize, and moderate project communication between various stakeholders. Present plans to the senior management and the organization’s clients and include reporting of project progress and risks in these presentations.
  • Project plans and documentation: Aid PMs to deliver high value documentation and help track action points.

Behavioural Competencies

  • Communicates Effectively - Develops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences. For example, seeks out others' perspectives and asks good questions. Shares information that others want to know; gives appropriate context and details when speaking.
  • Tech-savvy: Can use information technology and other digital innovations and apply them to tasks performed on the job. Uses technology-based mediums to collect, organize or analyze information to resolve issues, complete tasks effectively, accurately, and efficiently. Knowledge of Jira and confluence is a must.
  • Teamwork - Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. For example, finds many ways to add value to the team; probes to draw out richer input from others; is a valued resource who goes out of the way to help others.
  • Optimizes Work Processes - Knows the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement. For example, uses metrics and benchmarks to monitor accuracy and quality. Takes steps to make methods productive and efficient. Promptly and effectively addresses process breakdowns.


  • Assessment: Can use multiple sources of information to draw reasonable conclusions and use them to make recommendations for the advancement of organizational objectives.
  • Data collection and analysis: Can independently use required tools to monitor and analyze trends in data, gain insights and apply them in reports, presentations, and other communication tools to guide decision-making
  • Review and Reporting: Can review existing information and new data, combine them to generate reports that offer relevant insights, information, and recommendations for self and the relevant stakeholders to make appropriate decisions on the organization’s learning needs.


General education and work experience

  • experience in project management, and/or experience as a software developer.
  • Experience using various software tools Jira, Confluence and Roadmaps.


  • High level of familiarity with project management principles and methodologies.

Work environment

  • remote working environment
  • Ability to work flexible hours as required.