Integrations Developer, Toronto

Software Developer (Integrations)

OANDA is looking for a Software Developer passionate about solving business problems to join our nascent Integrations Team. As a developer on the integrations team, you’ll be responsible for creating real-time (message streaming) and API-based integrations in languages such as Java and Python to connect the platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo to our applications and data stores. In this role, your mission is to empower our employees to make well-informed, data-driven decisions by ensuring they have an accurate and timely access to data collected from across the organization.

OANDA’s vision is to transform how our clients can meet all of their currency needs with innovative and award-winning solutions. Founded in 1996, OANDA became the first company to share exchange rate information on the internet free of charge and in 2001, we launched a trading platform that helped pioneer the development of online-based trading around the world, allowing forex and CFD investors to trade the financial markets. Under new ownership with significant ambitions to grow the business on the global stage, we are looking for highly motivated, passionate individuals who want to make a mark in a dynamic environment. We have come a long way since our first currency feed 24 years ago. We are an award-winning global company offering leading currency solutions for both retail and corporate clients, from tech start-ups to global corporations.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Apply Domain-Driven Design, Event-Driven Architecture, and other integration / architecture patterns to coordinate communication and integration between internal and external applications.
  • Work with business functions (finance, marketing, customer service, and sales) to understand how their functions depend on (or would be enhanced by) data within our applications and other business domains.
  • Work in an agile team to develop applications and connectors within MuleSoft (our Java-based integration platform and Enterprise Service Bus). Create data transformations in DataWeave to translate between data models in disparate domains.
  • Identify and define common data constructs and entities in our applications. Work with application owners and development teams to define interfaces and schemas to enable access to their data.
  • Lead our API strategy and the adoption of API management tools such as Apigee, Kong, and Mulesoft. Create external APIs and data products to expose data from across the organization to customers, partners, regulators, and third-party applications. Apply security approaches such as OAuth, JWT, and tokenization to protect our sensitive data.
  • Manage real-time data integrations to meet daily transactional reporting and business-as-usual data delivery requirements. Work with development teams to write event producers and consumers for Kafka, MuleSoft, and Google Pub/Sub.
  • Work closely with our Data Engineering and Business Intelligence teams to ingest data from our message queues and MuleSoft into our data lake for long-term storage. Work with data products in Google Cloud and AWS, such as Pub/Sub, BigQuery, EventBridge, SQS, Glue, and Data Fusion to build cloud-native integrations.
  • Convert legacy integrations (typically batch, SFTP, direct database access, or file-based) to modern, managed, API-led integrations, and adopt technologies to enable the integration of on-premise, cloud, and SaaS-based applications.[
  • Solve Master Data Management challenges to ensure a consistent, accurate and verifiable representation of data across all of our systems.
  • Train developers and non-technical users on how to use Mulesoft to build new APIs, applications, and integrations.


  • Experience in API design and integration patterns.
  • Strong development experience in Java.
  • Knowledge of data transformation concepts.
  • Development experience in Google Cloud Platform an asset (but not a requirement).
  • Experience in MuleSoft an asset (but if you don’t know it, we’ll train you!)