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Compliance Monitoring Specialist , Singapore


Based in Singapore, the candidate will report to the Singapore Compliance Head, and where necessary to the Oanda Global Head of Compliance. The candidate should expect to undertake compliance testing as the main area of focus, but also be ready to assist and support in ad hoc compliance matters and projects where necessary

Job Description

As part of the OANDA Compliance Monitoring Program, the Compliance Testing function is tasked with the timely management and effective testing of functions.  

You will perform compliance testing of OAP’s functions, which includes developing test steps and methodologies, evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls and designing and implementing new controls in consultation with respective teams. You will identify regulatory risks, propose recommendations, prepare reports and present such findings to senior management and the Boards. The main responsibilities include:

  1. Understanding the Rules: take ownership and upkeep of OAP’s compliance obligations register, which sets out the relevant regulations for OAP, and the corresponding Policies and Procedures (“P&Ps”) that serve as controls to ensure compliance with the regulations
  2. Establish a Strategy: maintain a plan and methodology to test specific controls within the compliance obligations register, conduct tests with the key objective of identifying potential non-adherence to P&Ps and to investigate further the reasons for such occurrences
  3. Effective Follow-up: coordinate with the respective departments to remediate such non-adherence, and to track the remediation process from start to end
  4. Facilitate Oversight: report the findings of each test to the Head of Compliance, for further summary and report to management and the Board for oversight and quality assurance
  5. Staff Training: to document test reports systematically such that OAP compliance is able to identify common areas that require additional staff training, if necessary

As the compliance testing processes are established and continue to develop, the candidate will also have future opportunities to gain exposure in Oanda’s regional offices by performing compliance testing for these other offices periodically.

You should possess the following –

  1. basic understanding of audit/compliance testing
  2. strong verbal and written communication in English
  3. highly driven, organised and possess ability to engage and influence stakeholders
  4. good appreciation of relevant MAS regulations, guidelines and notices
  5. detail-oriented, motivated and able to manage timelines independently