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Client Education Strategy & Content Manager, New York

Client Education Strategy & Content Manager

Education is a key part of our customer engagement and retention strategy and an area of focus to rapidly grow our active client base.  We are searching for an individual with trading education experience who can reshape our global education programme.  This is an exciting opportunity to pioneer a new education strategy and implement tactics to develop more successful traders. This is also a rewarding opportunity to both create an innovative education strategy and execute the tactics to attain tangible results.

The Client Education Strategy and Content Manager will develop, maintain, and provide oversight to a online eLearning strategy for the Organization.  The manager will curate existing educational material and introduce new educational content using industry best practices for increasing client knowledge through electronic media.  Further, the manager will manage vendor relationships to operate 40+ webinars per month and partner with internal industry news analysts to create a cohesive global client portal to develop more successful traders.

You are passionate about educating and enabling our traders to be more successful. This will be achieved by building our client knowledge base, as well as the content that powers it, such as courses, e-books, online training, webinars and videos. You’ll lead our efforts to build the innovative tools to disseminate content to our clients globally and play a key role in the communication between our customer support and product teams.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Lead the roadmap of OANDA’s global client education, market news & analysis portal.
  • Translate financial market trends into a compelling education product direction and vision for a cohesive global education experience.
  • Curate OANDA’s education content into self-guided learning modules by client experience level.
  • Development and maintenance of e-Learning modules and assets.
  • Partner with internal news analysts to deliver real-time market analysis through an educational portal.
  • Increase consumption of webinars, in-house events, and market news & analysis through a well-developed social media and email development plan and execute on that plan.
  • Develop, maintain and execute an eLearning strategy for the organization.
  • Engagement of key internal and external knowledge specialists to formulate educational content.
  • Development, monitoring and reporting of metrics related to client learning and business outcomes.
  • Develop online courses using third party authoring tools.
  • Vendor and consultant management for the development of educational content.
  • Collect and measure key metrics against goals to provide business analysis for senior management.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor or advanced degree in training, education or a related field.
  • 5+ years related experience in an e-learning development, instructional design and/or a learning technology solution role.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of educational technology such as multimedia eLearning development, learning management systems, web development and web-based applications.
  • Experience with graphic design and media development tools preferred, for developing interactive online courses.
  • Demonstrated ability to design creative, interactive online courses.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet tight deadlines and mange heavy workloads, prioritizing tasks and managing conflicts.
  • Ability to take the initiative, work autonomously and remain flexible as plans change.
  • Experience in measurement and evaluation of the effectiveness of e-learning and other technology-based learning.

Desirable Skills & Qualifications

  • Experience working in the financial industry. Specifically having experience as a trader or having education experience in trading, funds management or financial market analysis.
  • Knowledge of leading and emerging practices in e-learning and other learning technologies.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of instructional design and adult learning theory.
  • Knowledge of Marketing automation tools (such as Marketo) and Go To Webinar to schedule and manage online learning sessions.